27th Football World Cup P&G

Last September we delivered another remarkable event, this time for Procter & Gamble, that brought almost 600 employees from all over the world to Lisbon for their Football World Cup, with male and female teams competing.

After a very successful experience in 2017, P&G chose Move Sports once again to organize its P&G FWC. This included not only the sports organization but also the accommodation, receptions, social programmes, and all the logistics of such a huge event.


On Friday, the arrival day, with many flights from many different countries, we ensured everybody’s transfers from the airport to their hotels and later greeted all the players at a Welcome Party. After a meeting with the captains of all teams, it was time to get together, have a drink and dance. But not until too late, as everybody needed to rest before the tournament the next day.

On the next day, there was great football, great weather, and lots of mingling around the pitches, with a food court available for lunch, some rest, and drinking a beer. 

The matches were filled with strong emotions, but also fair play and devoted cheering from the supporters. 

And after a day dedicated to football, it was time to celebrate at a famous Lisbon nightclub with a cocktail dinatoire party, where everyone danced and had loads of fun.


Sunday was the final day, with the winning teams being decided. 

The morning wasn’t easy, especially for those who stayed out late 😊.

But all the teams were committed and played their best, with lots of enthusiastic celebrations, and the tournament cups being awarded to the female team Mataro Ladies, and the male team Fater JV.

In the end, it was time to chill by the food court, while the DJ was taken over by members of the English team. 

Once again, everybody went back home with a smile and a great weekend in their memories.


“Great World Cup! Thanks for everything! See you next year!” (The Spartans team)

“Also massive thanks to Vito and the whole organisational team for the tournament and parties! Geneva Lions are already looking forward to the next year”

“(..) Blois teams are very happy to validate our first participation in the event. We spent a wonderful weekend with you. Special thanks to Vito, Bernardo, and the whole organisation for the amazing work done. Looking forward to catching you next year”


This is what MOVES us. Delivering a professional and highly competitive tournament and knowing that everybody had a great time in a team spirit environment.


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