46th Inter-Agency Games’ golf competition was an 18-hole course hit from start to finish

The perfect golf course is one that combines a great technical difficulty design with the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Gathered in Lisbon for their Inter-Agency Games, the UN's annual sports competition, the 85 UN golfers were in search of high-quality competition.

We knew of one of the best greens in Europe, with a complex 18-hole course, and we managed to book it for the competition.

The 85 golfers, all of whom were UN officials, got involved in the competition with tremendous commitment and professionalism.

But in the end, they confessed that what they really loved was the quality of the green and the irresistible beauty around them.

We like to organize sporting events for companies and multinational entities, but we like it even more so when they run smoothly from the first to the last swing!