A different comeback: team building in a post-Covid world

In this article, we want to highlight the benefits of trekking and hiking, both physical and mental. Trekking and hiking in stunning natural sites are ideal activities for challenging yourself and your team!

2020 is the time to further enjoy Portugal's excellent quality of life and beautiful landscapes. Portugal is a small country with a great variety of geographies, climates, and all that comes with it: the people, the food, the culture.

Since travelling abroad is already possible, but with many restrictions still, most Portuguese families - and some tourists who visited the country nonetheless - choose to have their vacations and weekend gateways within the country, rediscovering mainland Portugal away from the beaches, coming out of it positively surprised.


Time for outdoors corporate events

At a time of new beginnings and rearrangements, this could be the perfect time to organize a corporate event that involves team activities outdoors. Portugal stands out with an outstanding offer of walking trails, both on the continent and islands. The country is an ideal place for this type of activity, ensuring the maximum quality for your event! Just remember that Portugal has one of the best all-year-round climates in the world. On top of that, from the 18 "hidden treasures in Europe" chosen by the organization of European Destinations of Excellence (EBD), three are Portuguese!


Improved Fitness and Stamina

After long months of remote work, it's essential to get back in shape. Trekking can improve your physical health immensely. The hours you spend in nature climbing, jumping, and rock hopping give you an overall routine of exercises than improve your strength, agility, and cardio fitness. When carrying a backpack while trekking, you burn up to 600 calories per hour.


Reduces stress

Spending time outdoors on a trek, surrounded by stunning views into the deeps of nature, is a perfect way to cleanse your mind from the stress from work and everyday life. While trekking, you are always focused on the activity, and the only distractions are the melodic sounds of the local fauna, your footsteps gently opening the way through nature and the striking scenery surrounding you.


Social benefits

Trekking with your colleagues can seriously create better relationships. While trekking, you can spend quality time bonding with them in a scenario where you'll see yourselves motivating and encouraging each other to keep going when things get more challenging. Sharing the experiences that come with trekking will also help overcome differences, promote acceptance between different kinds of people and increase your and your colleagues' ability to adjust and get along with others. Spending hours or days in the wilderness also means that mobile phones and social media are out of reach, or at least forgotten. It's a great detox that stimulates one-on-one conversations. 


Soft skills development

Trekking has one other secret benefit that's not always considered: you can improve your management and leadership skills! While trekking, you'll find yourself setting and overcoming objectives, organising your backpack focusing on what is actually essential to the journey and shedding any extra weight, learning how to adapt to change and developing your mental strength. These skills are always valued in any professional capacity and can ignite in you a personal growth that can be life-changing.


Now that you're awre of all the benefits of team-building on the wild, we would be delighted to get you there! It's time to come back and have a restart in an environment with plenty of pure air, where you and your colleagues can take a break from the pandemic. Portugal offers endless hiking opportunities and many other options for group activities that builf towards your team goals.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us and we'll prepare the perfect comeback for your team!