After social distancing: let's get back together

The pandemic that affected the whole world and sent everyone home to do remote work directly affects the relationship between companies' co-workers. Distancing without personal contact deteriorated relations and lead to some tension and problems that wouldn't occur while working face-to-face. 

A solution to bring people back to their common goal is team-building. Team-building activities are much sought after by companies now because, above all, there's a need to bring back co-workers closer and to foster teamwork in a way that improves results and performance.


The benefits of team-building activities

Many thousands and thousands of companies around the world have already taken advantage of such exercises. Team-building activities foster dynamics that bring about many benefits, primarily focusing on:

  • Building bonds that unite and strengthen the teamwork spirit among coworkers;
  • Encouraging and improving the level of communication;
  • Identifying leadership skills;
  • Providing time for decompression and fun with coworkers;
  • Fostering mutual respect;
  • Increasing motivation.

This is the kind of impact that a team-building exercise can be expected to have on a team. However, for such an activity to work and have the desired effect, it must be done with quality and purpose.


1. It must be more than fun

The contents are vital and must be related to the reality of the participants.


2. It must be oriented by specialised people 

Only with experienced exercise leaders is it possible to guide the team towards drawing practical and useful lessons to a specific group dynamic that will maximize the participant’s learning and attitude in the work context.


3. It must be followed by specialised support

The new attitudes acquired in the activities are not always easy to transpose into the work environment and, therefore, specialised support is necessary so that the participants internalise these attitudes.


And that's what we're here for!

At Move Sports, we put the sports in your team-building or corporate event. We believe that sport brings added value that cannot be found in other kinds of activities. In the words of our founder, António Cunha: "Sports is always a celebration of the human body and the human soul working together. Sports make us bigger, better - not only physically, but mentally too". That's why we give maximum credit to the transformative power of sport:

  • It promotes a healthier lifestyle;
  • The physical contact that sports activities imply helps create emotional bonds with other people;
  • It puts a significant focus on decision making and personal overcoming;
  • It fosters healthy competition;
  • It levels the playing field and fosters camaraderie: in sports, there are no hierarchies. Athletes are all the same and have similar conditions;
  • It challenges participants to get out of their comfort zone.This is our commitment. We take our work very seriously, and we want you to have the best experience!

Given the current public health situation we're living because of the COVID-19 pandemic, team-building activities at this time must essentially occur outdoors and follow all security measures put forward by health authorities. Many sports are suited to the present situation and Move Sports is your perfect partner to present such solutions to your company.

We only need a briefing, and we will take care of your event from conception to execution. Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals in all areas: sports, health and safety, hospitality and communication.

Now, all that's left to know is: are you ready to move?