All-Star UN basketball teams come to Lisbon for the 46th Inter-Agency Games

In theory, the UN is the ideal multinational organisation to have good basketball players.

With officials coming from the world's most powerful basketball nations, from the Americans to the Lithuanians, from the Chinese to the Spanish, Italians and Greeks, the UN easily forms highly competitive all-stars teams.

So, when the 72 UN basketball players came to Lisbon to participate in the Inter-Agency Games, the multinational organisations' annual sporting competition, we knew we would be running a high-level competition.

And so it was! With three courts at their disposal, the basketball players gave it everything they got in each game, performing with little less intensity than their NBA counterparts. In fact, the competitiveness placed in each game was so high that the uncertainty over which team would come out victorious lasted to the end.

For us, Move Sports, it is a privilege to organize sporting events for companies and multinational entities: it's not every day that you get to see sports at the highest level!