Amateur football gets you thrills all the way

180 women and men arrive in Lisbon with the sole objective of winning the football competition for which they registered. There is no more exciting scenario than this, especially when footballers are UN officials - that is, they spend all year trying to solve some of the world's most serious problems and rarely have a moment of fun.

So when UN agency teams came to Lisbon to play in the Inter-Agency Games, the organization's annual sports gathering, we knew we were going to witness some fierce competition! In fact, given footballers' virtuosity and commitment, sometimes it seemed like we're watching the Champions League. The men's final was a dream, opposing a team of Kenyans, who had spread magic throughout the tournament, and a side made up of Italians and Portuguese, great masters of discipline and the "catenaccio". The suspense lasted until the very end. To the joy of the stands, the Kenyans only won on penalties.

After the tournament we're left with no doubts: there is nothing like a football game to motivate professionals of any company or organization. So go ahead and ask us for our sports events and tours for companies of all sizes.