Footgolf helps Bimbo Portugal achieving its goals

Bimbo Portugal had very specific goals and they knew they could count on us to reach them.

The company was looking for a corporate sports activity to increase their professional efficiency, and Move Sports had an undeniable proposal.  

Bimbo’s employees arrived in Óbidos, early in the morning, where they first had intense work sessions. The participants were very curious about what we had organised for them.

After lunch, when the time had come, and without any delays, they found out that they were going to play a Footgolf tournament.

At first, they were surprised about it, but quickly the willingness to play became dominant. The teams gathered people from different departments and after getting to know the basics of this new sport, they have started this journey with great motivation.

In fact, footgolf is a very simple sport with basic rules. It follows the principles and objectives of golf but is played with the feet, with a size 5 ball and with holes adapted to it.

The tournament was a success and the competitiveness lasted until the last kick.

Late in the afternoon, we delivered the awards while a New Orleans old hits band was playing. There was a great joy and enthusiasm in the group.

We have all went home happy. Bimbo Portugal had a good workday. We have shown the value of corporate sports events.

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