Give your team the gift of an unforgettable experience

Give your team a present and sure, they'll appreciate it in the short-term; but if you give them the gift of an unforgettable experience, they'll remember it forever!

Are you tired of organising the same kind of team-building activities just to be met with blank stares from your team and all excitement swept out of the room? Would you rather learn about rugby from a PowerPoint presentation or would you rather play the game on the field, with the buzz of adventure running through your body like an adrenaline shot?

If you'd prefer to get down and dirty on the field, then you should choose Move Sports. Our team has 14 years of experience organising sports events, tournaments and training camps in Portugal and overseas. We take care of everything down to the smallest detail: from concept to execution, from accommodation and transfers to sports venues and tournaments dynamics.

We believe in corporate events based on sports because they create a sense of unity, strengthen bonds between co-workers and, of course, they are both an amusing and healthy choice!


Team Spirit

Sports-based activities develop communication skills, responsibility, perseverance and trust. These are the founding values of a great work team. Furthermore, team sports create a sense of unity and allow for players to show off their skills, see the results of their hard work come alive and feel proud of their team's accomplishments. While competing as a team, every team member must cooperate with his or her peers and have a positive approach to setbacks, just like co-workers should do when facing big projects. It's "ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE".


Sports are good

Sports are a great way to stay active and a good stress reliever, which can be very helpful if you are working in an office context, given that it tends to lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, sports improves focus and concentration, boosts memory, enhances creativity and accelerates learning processes. Awesome, right? If that wasn't good enough, exercise also helps those who battle insomnia!


Nothing good ends without a celebration

After the competition is over, we all agree you deserve to party like real champions! This is why our events usually end with everyone dancing and having fun at our after-parties. A good way for everyone to relax and be on their best mood is to have fun away from the office and have a chance to develop affinities and forge friendships.

At the end of an amazing day, you'll find that you now have a more united, motivated and productive team that will improve workplace performance as a whole.


Are you ready to move?

At Move Sports, we put the "sports" in your meeting, presentation, team building or any other kind of corporate event!