High-intensity table tennis is played in Lisbon

A table tennis competition is an intense and exciting event.

At every game, singles or pairs, the players' movements display incredible strength, the techniques employed defy the imagination, the speed of the ball is dizzying!

In order to have a high-level competition, a pavilion with ideal sports and acoustic conditions is required, as is good equipment - starting off with the tables - and excellent judges.

We had all this ready for members of the UNESCO's Inter-Agency Games organising committee to see for themselves when they came to Lisbon, a couple of months before the start of this year's UN sports competition, which took place from April 30 to May 4.

The committee was fascinated by the conditions we offered and, by the end of the tournament, Jong Chol, the person in charge of the table tennis competition, even said that this "was really the best IAG table tennis event we had so far. Everything was perfectly organised under your guidance and professionalism".

We were delighted at the compliment, of course. But what really got us going was seeing the virtuosity and intensity displayed by the UN players!