Precision is paramount when it comes to the swimming competition at UN’s 46th Inter-Agency

The UN swimming athletes, meeting in Lisbon for the Inter-Agency Games, their annual sporting competition, were ready, trained and motivated. In the warm-up areas and on the pool slopes there was that silent nervousness that precedes great moments.

The 49 athletes, women and men, grouped in several teams, were ready to go to the max in various classic swimming disciplines, such as the 100 meters freestyle or the 400 meters relay.

A swimming test is a precision challenge. When a competition is timed to the hundredth of a second, there can't be a single fault. What had us worried, above all, was making sure that nothing would fail amidst the complex operation we had at hand. With each starting chime, we did our best to meet the precision standard so that all rules were met and results were measured to the hundredth of a second.

The swimming coordinator for this year's Inter-Agency Games, Juan Caicedo, later said that "this was the most professional and technical competition we have ever had in the IAG. Despite our challenges in coming up with the teams and deciding what to swim in line with the rules, the electronic programming of events prior, during and afterwards (with results) was remarkably well organized!"

Thank you, Juan! We like to organize sports competitions for companies and multinationals, and we do like to organize them without any glitches.