Team building: a winning bet with sports in the mix

Sports have played a central role in the post-Covid recovery of cities, countries, and even in the promotion of touristic destinations, a little everywhere.

Nowadays, it has become clear that companies gain by investing in the development of more empathetic teams, whether through team-building initiatives, personal development workshops, or social gatherings, among other strategies that stimulate personal relationships and therefore build stronger and more cohesive teams and companies.


Team sports: an advantage for teams

Team sports are the easiest way to promote socialisation, create bonds, and relieve the stress accumulated after weeks and months of work.


Let’s recall the advantages of team sports: 

  • Combats stress and sedentary lifestyles: exercise helps to switch off from everyday worries, reduces sedentary lifestyles, and improves fitness and health.
  • Stimulates commitment, discipline, and companionship: in team sports, a player's lack of discipline affects the group, so commitment and discipline are encouraged since the most important thing is to support the team and not fail; companionship is stimulated by recognising the importance of helping colleagues to achieve group goals;
  • Encourages positive relationships: sports are a great way to bond with work colleagues, and start conversations that might not happen in the office environment or online;
  • Encourages teamwork: like in sports, a company's success lies largely in common goals and sharing similar values;
  • Supports strategic thinking: team sports are based on identifying the skills of each member and it is up to the team to get the best out of each one to achieve good results;
  • Develops personal skills: speed, creativity and the ability to understand each other's different perspectives are skills that are naturally developed through physical activity;
  • Supports leadership: developing leadership skills is inherent to team sports because you always need elements to motivate the group. It is also a way of working on self-esteem, practicing decision-making, and assigning tasks to other members to achieve the desired goal;
  • It helps to control frustration: at work and in life you don't always win, so it is fundamental to learn to manage failures and the associated frustration;
  • It boosts self-esteem: support among team members, in victories and defeats, will have a positive effect on each one's self-esteem, which also supports professional performance;


Personalised corporate events, training camps, and sports trips

Move Sports organises sports experiences and events for companies of all sizes and also for teams, schools and academies.

What we create for your company is much more than a team-building event: our activities aggregate the main sporting values. Team spirit, leadership, perseverance, solidarity, courage, discipline, strategic thinking, competitiveness, and a lot of fun is what we have to offer to your employees.

Move Sports operates in multiple sports, including rugby, handball, basketball, football, and many other sports that are particularly relevant to stimulate groups. In this context, we cannot fail to mention the excellent training conditions in Portugal and the various training camps that we regularly organise, as well as corporate events tailored to each company/group. 

Our services extend and we also organise events not only in Portugal but in Spain as well.

Come and get to know one of the most interesting and safe tourist destinations in Europe, ask for a quote, and find out everything we can organise for you.

Don't let your company fall behind in 2022. Get moving again and take care of your team: we will help you!