Tennis is taken very seriously at the UN

We didn't expect so much mastery and so much competition from the UN tennis players. But the truth is, tennis is taken very seriously at the largest organization in the world.

The UNESCO Organizing Committee, responsible for this year's Inter-Agency Games, had warned us that the games would be tremendous. We at Move Sports, given the responsibility for the tournament's logistics, offered seven high-level courts and all the apparel necessary for the 78 women and men, grouped in mixed teams, to perform at the highest level.

The tournament provided intense duels, both in singles as well as in pairs, women and men, with all teams fight to the end for the best score. Their efforts were such that two teams, UNESCO and UNOG, came out of it tied in the first place, having divided the 2019 Champion title.

We were contaminated by the UN athletes’ enthusiasm! We're already thinking about the next big tennis competition we'll organise. So go ahead and ask us for our sports events and tours for companies of all sizes.