The last team-building of 2023

The last team-building event of the year can be an excellent opportunity to close a cycle and start the new year in the best way possible. If you think winter is not the most appealing season, maybe you're not seeing the whole picture. The weather can be mild throughout the year in Portugal, creating perfect conditions for indoor and outdoor sports activities. Discover all the benefits of finishing the year in style and with the right dose of sports.


Organize the final team-building event of the year

The end of the year and the start of a new working stage are perfect opportunities to promote team-building moments. Organizing team-building events offers employees the opportunity to foster stronger relationships, enhance teamwork skills, and build camaraderie within the organization. You can work on trust between different members, communication, creativity, purpose, or team values, all in a fun and engaging environment.

At this point in the year, it can also be an important time to reflect on achievements, recognize the team's work throughout the year, and provide a positive and motivating closure. And, of course, to define wishes and objectives for the new year.


Keys to team-building success

In many companies, team-building initiatives are very well received by employees. However, there is the other side of the coin, and we also find cases of companies where these initiatives do not work, and there is no good involvement when it comes to signing up for the different activities.

If this situation is a reality in your organization, we recommend that before you start with team-building strategies, you conduct a work climate survey. This survey is essential to identify areas of opportunity and needs that may exist. From this analysis, you can assess what needs to be improved so that employees are more involved in the activities and thus create a great place to work.

So don't miss the opportunity to make this Christmas season a period of togetherness among employees and good results for the company.


Move Sports activities

When organising team-building events around sports, it's essential to ensure that everyone can participate comfortably, considering the physical abilities, preferences, and safety of all participants. In addition to the sports themselves, incorporating team-building exercises and debriefing sessions can further enhance the experience and reinforce the lessons learned from each activity.

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