The secret to your company’ sports events? Move Sports!

The COVID-19 pandemic, which abruptly invaded our daily lives in mid-March 2020, made organizations and employees alike adhere to new working models and make use of their ability to adapt and overcome. After these two atypical years, and now that it seems we have seen the worst of it, activities that bring people closer together, such as team-building events, will assume a prominent position in 2022.


Contact and empathy      

The need for human beings to have contact and relate to each other must be satisfied to keep people united and in tune: studies from various social and behavioural sciences have been proving this for many years. Given this assumption, this need must be compensated for and extended to the world of work. 

Nowadays, it has become clear that companies gain by investing in developing more empathetic teams, whether through team-building initiatives, regular meetings between employees and managers, anonymous or informal evaluation practices, or even small workshops to develop communication and conflict management positive interaction skills.


The proven advantage of team sports

Team sports are the easiest way to promote socialization and relieve the stress accumulated after weeks and months of work.

Here’s our challenge for you: have you ever thought about getting your team together in a rented space and asking your teammates to put together an activity, have fun... or even organise a small annual sports getaway on a company trip?

Remember the advantages:

  • Encourages commitment, discipline, and fellowship: in team sports, the lack of discipline of one player affects the group, so dedication and discipline are encouraged since the most important thing is to support the team; fellowship is promoted by recognizing the importance of helping colleagues to achieve the group's goals;
  • Combats stress and sedentary lifestyles: physical exercise helps to disconnect from everyday worries and helps to reduce sedentary lifestyles and improve physical condition and health;
  • Supports strategic thinking: team sports are based on identifying the skills of each member, and it is up to the team to make the best of each one to achieve good results;
  • Encourages positive relationships: sports are a great way to bond with co-workers and start conversations that might not happen in the office environment or online;
  • It fosters teamwork: like sports, the success of a company lies primarily in common goals and sharing similar values;
  • Develops personal skills: speed, creativity, and the ability to understand each other's different perspectives are skills that are naturally developed through physical activity;
  • It supports leadership: developing leadership skills is inherent to team sports because you always need elements to motivate the group. It is also a way to work on self-esteem, practice decision making, and assign tasks to other members to achieve the desired goal;
  • Helps to control frustration: at work and in life, you don't always win, so it is fundamental to learn to manage failures and the associated frustration;
  • It boosts self-esteem: support among team members, in wins and losses, will have a positive effect on each other's self-esteem, which also supports job performance;


Training camps, sports tours, and events tailored to your company

Move Sports operates in multiple sports, including rugby, handball, basketball, and soccer, sports that are particularly relevant to stimulate groups. In this context, we must mention the excellent facilities available in Portugal and the numerous training camps and sports tours we regularly organize, as well as the corporate events tailored to each company/group that we put together. 

We make a point of continuing to bet on the organization of sporting events, and we are back after COVID-19 with even more enthusiasm!

Come to know one of the safest destinations in Europe, and do not hesitate to contact us to learn more: we are entirely at your service.