We say "Welcome" to UN's Inter-Agency Games

Our challenge is to welcome to Lisbon, in their native languages, almost 1500 UN officials of 125 nationalities.

It's a challenge that is pushing our abilities to the max, forcing us to use the Internet's translation services, as well as several translators residing in Portugal. After all, it's not every day that we get the chance to say "Welcome to Lisbon" in one of the languages and dialects of Cameroon, Afghanistan or Benin, to mention just a few.

The reason for engaging in this challenge is that we were chosen by UNESCO to organize the Inter-Agency Games, the gigantic annual UN sports competition, this year taking place in Lisbon.

For three days, 1365 UN officials, 504 women and 861 men working for the 50 UN agencies, will be involved in a lively competition. Grouped into teams by agency, from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to the International Labour Organization, UN officials will compete in 13 sports. Some are popular, such as football or basketball; others are more unusual, such as cricket, pétanque or darts. There is also a prestigious chess competition for the organisation's brains.

We already have the fields, pavilions, pools and tracks ready. Likewise, for those moments in between the competition, we've prepared diverse entertaining performances.

For us at Move Sports, the logistical challenge is huge - but we're used to it!

What really has us worried is to get the pronunciation right when we say "Welcome" in several dozen languages and dialects.

After all, we were chosen by UNESCO because we pay attention to every detail and accept the most demanding challenges.