What makes a great team-building activity?

Organizing team-building activities is key to implementing and improving the company culture and building strong and committed teams. However, companies often have no idea how to create effective activities to achieve their team goals. This can result in a waste of time and a certain disbelief in similar activities on the part of employees.

Find out some important ideas to create successful activities.


Understand the team's needs

Before you even start an activity make a deep diagnosis of what you want to improve. Try to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team and detect elements that may be toxic in the work environment. Identifying these points will help you find the activities that best suit the team's needs.


Clarify the advantages and get a harmonized goal

Ensure that all participants understand why and how this activity can be important for team spirit. This is important to counteract some people's skepticism about the exercises. Also, involving people in the purpose of the activity can lead to a clear and unanimous objective.


Involve the whole team

It is important that the whole team participates in the exercises and hierarchy should be forgotten. Leaders can show their open and vulnerable side and those with less voice should be motivated to step forward. It is also crucial that the rules are the same and clear for everyone, to create a sense of alignment and trust.


Make a meaningful debrief

At the end of the activity, it is a good idea to have a dialogue and come to conclusions. Involve all team members in reflecting on what is important to change and how the team's performance can improve. This is much more effective than simply communicating what they should do to team members.


Move Sports and your team

We can prepare the perfect team building for your company. Before planning any physical team-building activity, you must carefully consider the opinions and abilities of your team. After that, we can create challenges to improve your team's strategic planning, competitiveness, and resilience.

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