Why is sports a company's best practice?

Some countries, such as Portugal, are getting a rip on the COVID-19 pandemic and proceeding with the vaccination process at an encouraging pace. Concurrently, the number of team meetings is already increasing exponentially. In the future, with or without remote work, companies will continue to look at fostering that team spirit that supports the productivity of their businesses.  

Companies all over the world struggle to build and maintain team spirit whilst dealing with the inevitable daily stress and professional challenges, isolation, and sedentary lifestyles. It is proved that sports and the spirit it entails are key when solving all of these challenges.

Many companies already include physical activity programmes in their annual activity plans, as well as discount protocols with gyms or clubs. They are aware of the importance of physical activity for the well-being of the team and team members and, consequently, its better performance.

Team sports are the easiest way to promote socialisation and relieve the stress accumulated after a week of work. Have you ever thought of gathering your team, renting a space or asking them to schedule an activity, and simply having fun? Or even organising a small annual sports getaway on a company trip? 

That is where a company such as Move Sports comes in. The company organizes bespoke training camps, sports tours and corporate events in Portugal and Spain around sports such as football, rugby, field hockey, swimming, basketball, athletics and lacrosse, amongst others. Move Sports offers a comprehensive service to companies of all sizes from all over the world, ranging from sports organization to travel and transfers, accommodation and ancillary entertainment and leisure programs. The company has proudly worked with companies such as Renault, Microsoft, Grupo Bimbo, Gazprom, LAPP and the United Nations, among many other customers from over 125 nationalities.


The sports-at-the-workplace advantages

Remember what sports can bring into your company:

  1. It stimulates commitment, discipline and team building: when playing sports in a team, the lack of discipline of one player affects the group. It is crucial to support the team and feel committed towards the common goal; companionship is enlivened by acknowledging the importance of helping colleagues, feeling part of the team's objectives;
  2. It reduces stress and sedentary lifestyles: physical exercise helps to switch off from the day's hassles and helps to reduce sedentary lifestyles and improve the physical condition and health;
  3. It supports strategic thinking: team sports are based on identifying the skills of each member, and it is up to the team to get the best out of each other to achieve the best possible results;
  4. It encourages positive relationships: sport is a great way to bond with co-workers and start conversations that might not happen in the office environment or online;
  5. It encourages teamwork: Same way as in sports, the success of a company lies largely in common goals and sharing similar values;
  6. It develops personal skills: agility, creativity and the ability to understand different perspectives are skills that develop naturally with physical activity;
  7. It promotes leadership: developing leadership skills is inherent to team sports because you always need someone to motivate the group. It is also a way of working on self-esteem, practising decision making and assigning tasks to other members to achieve the desired goal;
  8. It helps to control frustration: at work and in life, you don't always win, so it is fundamental to learn to manage failures and the associated frustration;
  9. It incites self-esteem: the support between the members of a team, during the good and bad times, will have a positive effect on the self-esteem of each one, which also supports professional performance;


Come meet us in Portugal, the first country to hold the European Security Seal for Tourism

Portugal is the first country to provide the European Security Seal for Tourism. This new health and safety protocol aims at the safe reopening of tourism, and Portugal is in the lead in implementing the necessary procedures for the safe and responsible resumption of tourism activity.

Move Sports, having been awarded the Clean & Safe seal back in April 2020, meets all the necessary conditions, thus being awarded this new European Security Seal for Tourism as well.

Move Sports embraces multiple sports, including rugby, handball, basketball and football. All of them are particularly relevant for stimulating team spirit. The training conditions in Portugal are excellent. We organize different kinds of training camps, as well as corporate events that are always tailor-made to each company or group.

We will continue to bet on the organization of sports events, both for junior and senior profiles, especially during these times when lockdown is coming to an end. We will offer all the necessary safety conditions for the events that we foresee taking place during 2021. Come and discover one of the safest destinations in Europe and do not hesitate to contact us to find out more!