Why you should know about Sports Excellence Invisible Units

Corporate decision-makers have everything to gain from creating partnerships and synergies with Sports Excellence Invisible Units, the SEIUs which, fortunately, have emerged globally in recent years.

The SEIU are professional spaces of enormous value and competitiveness existing within the scope of sports played at amateur level in some countries.

One recent case study is Portugal's U20 rugby team, which will play against Japan, next Sunday, in the World Rugby Trophy finals. In case of victory, Portugal will ascend to the U20 top tier. In the last three years, in the Trophy Tier, Portugal U20 was three times European champion and was in two World Rugby Trophy finals. Not a bad record for a national team representing a country where rugby is not played at a professional level.

The secret to such brilliance lies in the working methodology and values of the team, a true SEIU. Leadership and staff haven’t changed in three years. Young players observation and training begins at the U14 level, and there is continuity assured until the U20. Technical planning is done in long cycles. The U20 national team has a game model and the technical, tactical and physical work seeks to apply this model in the best possible way. The group works with ambition, a spirit of sacrifice and discipline. In other words, the SEIU Portugal U20 is extremely professional, incorporating values and practices that the business decision-maker seeks. SEIUs are a unique opportunity for corporations oriented to excellence.

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