Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup is here!

Welcome to the very first edition of the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup, a new youth basketball event aimed at boys and girls in U14, U16 and U18 age groups, taking place in sunny Lisbon!

The 2021 edition of the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup will take place this coming June 27 at the Henrique Miranda Pavilion, home to Clube Atlético de Queluz, one of the participating teams.

This tournament is brought to you by Move Sports, the same great team that puts on Portugal Rugby Youth Festival and Lisbon Football Youth Cup every year. Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup was designed along the same principles: a fun and exciting competition between different countries, each one with its unique "style" of basketball, and a great opportunity for teams from clubs, academies and schools all around the world to compete. Unfortunately, given the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is still a big deal. That's why this first event will take place with only Portuguese teams coming from Greater Lisbon.


LBYC's first edition participating teams: what's your favourite?

On this first edition of the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup, six boys' and girls' teams will compete across three age categories. With all games being finals, with the thrill of being back to competition rushing through each player's veins, we're sure that each play will bring a tremendous amount of emotion to all involved!

Check the schedule below and let the games begin!


The inside of the Henrique Miranda Pavilion, where Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup will take place on June 27.


11h00 - Girls U14: Sport Algés e Dafundo x Quinta dos Lombos

The first match of the day is a battle between the girls' U14 teams of two historical basketball clubs of Greater Lisbon. Sport Algés e Dafundo has been around since 1915, and basketball got a start there in 1932. Quinta dos Lombos, although more recent, was founded back in 1975. Both clubs are home to about 200 youth athletes each and hold multiple trophies. 


15h00 - Boys U18: Sporting Clube de Portugal x Clube Basket Queluz

One of the biggest national clubs, Sporting Clube de Portugal, which has recently embraced basketball once more and has now about 200 young athletes competing, meets the Clube Basket Queluz, founded only 15 years ago in 2006 but already a big name in youth basketball, coming in strong and hungry for titles.


17h30 - Boys U16: Clube Atlético de Queluz x Sport Lisboa e Benfica 

Queluz Sintra Património Mundial, formerly known as Clube Atlético de Queluz, is the host team for this first edition of Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup. Founded back in 1933, the club holds many national trophies and is a reference in the sport. Will the home advantage be enough to fight the historic Sport Lisboa e Benfica, which has 200 young athletes in its ranks and has collected many national and international titles?


How to hold a basketball tournament amidst a pandemic?

You may be thinking: "how does one go about holding a tournament amidst a global pandemic?" Well, we've done it once, we'll do it again! Last year, we held the 11th edition of Portugal Rugby Youth Festival, so we know what the answer to the question is: with a lot of enthusiasm, a great love for sports, and being very careful and abiding by all safety measures put forward by health authorities.

All players and technical staff are required to have their temperature measured, hear a mask when not competing and sanitize their hands regularly. The locker rooms are sanitized in between matches and the teams won't meet other than on the field.

You can read all about the health and safety measures put in place by Move Sports to ensure the well being of all athletes at this link.


LBYC Online: follow the event on Instagram

Unfortunately, and for the same health and safety reasons, there won't be any fans in the stands - but you can follow all of the tournament greatest moments at LBYC's Instagram Stories.

To make things sweeter, the week before the tournament will be having our LBYC Online, a total virtual tournament taking also place in Instagram Stories. Youth basketball teams from all over the world will battle, their faith in the hands of the fans, for a chance to win a free registration for next year's edition in-person edition of the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup.

Head on over to to catch all the action!


Feeling that FOMO? Sign up your team for LBYC 2022 right now!

We feel for every team out there that can't be a part of the first edition of the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup. But fear not! We are already preparing the 2022 edition!

Save the date: June 25 & 26, 2022. Wait, act now! Registrations are open now: head on to the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup webpage, learn about our bespoke team packages and sign up your team for the 2022 edition!

We are excited to welcome basketball lovers to our beautiful country. Basketball has a great tradition in Portugal. The number of athletes, teams, spectators and digital followers of this amazing sport is growing by the day. It is time to get everyone around a spectacular tournament! Together, we'll grow every year and became a worldwide reference for youth basketball!