Lisbon Football Youth Cup – Day 1

“Activate, girls” - shouted the mister on the first day of the tournament. 

The mister of the Vila Praia de Âncora Football Club was relentless with his U15 girls throughout the tournament. “Activate, girls, activate,” he shouted periodically at each game to force them to put into practice the tactic planned in the shade of Jamor grove. It worked. Rugged and disciplined, the girls from Vila Praia de Âncora surprised Sporting and then managed to master the remaining games, taking the Lisbon Cup home. With a solid set, Sporting reserved for themselves the Silver. Lusitano de Évora took the 3rd place, for playing with girls, some from U9, who never turned heads to the fight. The French team Étoile Mouzillon showed that they have the necessary class to create a beautiful team, and CRD Arrudense brought friendliness from the countryside.

“Give it all, team,” asked the Real FC coach. The spirit was this, throughout the tournament. Emotion and struggle until the end. In the Under13s, Amora FC, a team of great champions from the Southside, Real FC, Massamá, a respected youth football team, St. John Wood ‘s England, and EAS – CIF, a satellite of Sporting. In the end, Real FC went further with a goal of classic geometry: on the diagonal from the middle to the right tip, a tense cross, tenacious to score it. An activation from the first to the last minute, at the Lisbon Football Youth Cup, 2017 edition.