Malahide United wins the football match of the year

The word ran quickly among the crowd at the Lisbon Football Youth Cup, which we have hosted in Lisbon on the weekend of the 27th and 28th of October.

With great joy, a few rounds of beer and tasty hot dogs, the experts and the fans were sure, that the U12 match between Malahide United (Ireland) and Sport Lisboa e Benfica (Portugal) had everything to be one of the greatest matches of both the tournament and the year.

The U12 Malahide United team, led by their great captain Charlie, who had a hairstyle inspired by the tv series “Peaky Blinders” and by African references, had shown throughout the tournament an incredible tactical discipline and an emotional coldness that many adults dream about having in the field.

As you would expect, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, the mythical Portuguese club has shown a team full of salero and technical virtuosity.  

With a delirious and very noisy crowd, the match started when the referee whistled. Benfica immediately started, with their strongest kids in the individual duel, and in in the triangulation of a good Portuguese school. However, on the other hand, Malahide’s effectiveness was planned. During decisive moments, there was always a young Irish man ready to undo the feint, to prevent the diagonal pass, and to close the angle. Benfica continued to play mercilessly, but in a fateful second, they lost the ball in a midfield rebound. The Malahide playmaker immediately made a diagonal pass to his right-hander, he ran a few meters and shot crossed, with no chance for the Benfica goalkeeper. In the last few minutes, Benfica carried on, in desperation. There were excitement and drama, with the ball bouncing twice on the post. But the truth is that the Malahide boys never lost control and their coldness.

They won the Cup in a match that will always be historical. 

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