The magical moment of the U18 Lekstorps IF girls

There, deep down in your heart, what any football fan wants to see in a match is that magic and unforgettable moment.

This desire applies to both the Champions League final and to a youth tournament like the Lisbon Football Youth Cup, which we organize in Lisbon, because every football lover knows that magic can appear from both a professional and a 17-year-old girl.

It is obvious that the effort is always welcome, that the goal is always celebrated, and that discipline and technical abilities are always recognized by any true supporter.

But the magic moment changes everything.

The  U18 girls from Lekstorps IF, a traditional Swedish club in the town of Grabo, located 23 kilometres from Gothenburg, came to the Lisbon Football Youth Cup with a good spirit.

Always cheerful and in a good mood, they warmed up to the sound of Swedish pop music, watched the games of all the boys, and, in the field, displayed good football, which had a good mix of physical power, discipline, and virtuosity.

The tournament was going well for them, always with victories. Until they had to face the warriors of Sport Lisboa and Benfica. The "reds" entered the field with determination, and they were pretty strong when attacking.

The Lekstorps IF girls had to work really hard because every moment counted not to turn the game to the other team.  

Until the very last minute, the midfielder from Lekstorps IF dominated the ball and saw the young Lundberg, number 11, slip by on his right flank.

The midfielder put the ball into space, and Lundberg ran to her. Within twenty yards of the goal, Lundberg looked at the goalkeeper and shot crossed. The ball flew and entered in the upper right corner.

It was a magical moment that no one will ever forget.