Portuguese Prime-Minister loves the spirit of rugby

The Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, took a long stroll at the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival and stated he places great importance on the spirit of rugby.

Surrounded by a huge crowd of young players from around the world who greeted him cheerfully, Costa revealed a few episodes of his already extensive political life to show the importance he gives to the spirit of rugby. "I noticed that in some moments, at my party, comrades with different political views voted together on certain decisions. I figured it was because they had played rugby together. I realized that there was a great spirit of unity, commitment and loyalty."

In addition to, at the tournament, wanting to personally feel and live the spirit of rugby, the Prime Minister, who spoke without protocol and without reservations with players and coaches, also considered that the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival is very important for Lisbon and for Portugal because "it promotes amongst young people the values of citizenship and sportsmanship".

After the countless personal contacts made in the tree-lined streets of the University Stadium of Lisbon, where the youth rugby festival was held, Costa personally honoured Professor Joaquim Pereira, one of the most legendary Portuguese rugby players, with the Medal of Honour for Sports Merit. "He has been an example of commitment, leadership and determination in the promotion of the sport. A true symbol of what national rugby is", he said.