Rewinding to Riveting Rugby: Reflections on the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France

As the 2023 Rugby World Cup continues in France, there’s a palpable sense of nostalgia for the 2007 tournament held in this same nation passionate about rugby. This year is especially noteworthy as Portugal returns for the second time since their debut in 2007, set to face off against the familiar opponent, Georgia, in a game tomorrow.

So, going on a trip down memory lane back to 2007, people still clearly remember South Africa beating England 15-6 in 2007. It was a key moment in a tournament full of memorable games and great plays. The host nation, France, notably outperformed New Zealand with a 20-18 upset, a testament to the unexpected and exciting twists the game can bring.

Reflecting on the 2007 tournament brings to mind Fiji’s spectacular 38-34 win over Wales, a vivid portrayal of the essence and competition of global rugby. Fast-forwarding to this year, Fiji has created history again by achieving a 22-15 victory against Australia, a feat unseen in the last 69 years.

Going back to 2007, Bryan Habana of South Africa made a lasting impression by matching Jonah Lomu's 1999 record for the most tries in a single World Cup, maintaining this shared record to the present day, and subsequently earning the title of the 2007 IRB Player of the Year.

This year’s tournament, the tenth men’s Rugby World Cup, isn’t just about high-stakes games; it’s also a gateway to the iconic encounters and brilliance of 2007, reigniting the love for the sport.

Taking place in the bicentenary year of rugby's "invention" by William Webb Ellis, this marks the third time France has welcomed the rugby world, having hosted twice and co-hosted once in 1991. The excitement now is about remembering past wins and looking forward to new ones. With teams like Portugal back on the field, we are reminded of the great moments from 2007, celebrating everyone coming together through rugby and its inherent values. 

As the battles ensue, we are left to wonder, which team will etch its name in history this year?


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