The global impact of the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup (RWC), the pinnacle of international rugby, is not just about fierce competition on the pitch. It's a global phenomenon in terms of both popularity and audience size that unites nations, transcends boundaries, and celebrates the essence of teamwork, passion, and sportsmanship. Let’s find out more about the power of the RWC!


The Tournament's growth

The men's Rugby World Cup is now considered the third biggest sporting event, behind the FIFA Football World Cup and the Olympic Games. And its growth has been incredible!

Between the first World Cup and the one being held this year in France, 36 years have passed, and high-capacity stadiums are now the trend. For example, in England's match against Japan held on 17th September in France 2023, which England won 34-12, the Stade de Nice was full, with 34,615 seats occupied. Quite different from the five thousand who watched the same match at RWC 1987.

The RWC Japan 2019 saw a record 1.13 million people in the official fan zones and the stadiums were 99.3% full, with 1.84 million tickets sold across the twelve venues, and 242,000 visitors from abroad enjoying the incredible hospitality of the hosts, making it the most successful World Cup in history. It also generated an economic impact of almost 5 billion euros and the organisers of France 2023 aim to raise the bar even higher than the previous tournament.

Rugby World Cup now has more interest than ever, with more than one million followers on Twitter, 1.3 million on Instagram, and 4.7 million on Facebook. As regards television broadcasts, France 2023 is already breaking the audience records of the world cup in Japan in 2019 and England in 2015. Just in France, around 15 million watched the tournament’s opening game between the host team and New Zealand, with a peak of 17 million. Only the 2011 final between the same teams has had a higher audience in this country.


The legacy of the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup has left an inspiring mark on the world of sport, transcending borders, politics, and cultures, uniting nations in a unique spirit of competition and camaraderie.

RWC has been crucial in the global expansion of rugby, with new emerging nations competing at the highest level. It has also inspired generations of players and fans, fostering a deep appreciation of the sport and its values of teamwork, discipline, and respect. And all this in just 10 editions of this competition. The future can only be promising!


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