A sea of possibilities

Ahhhh... The summer, the holidays... it's easy to relax and stop physical activity altogether. We know it's challenging to combine the lack of routines with sports. Also, it's hot and therefore sports aren't much of an attractive proposition as during the rest of the year. This summer, there's also COVID-19 placing a series of restrictions and limitations on sports that make it difficult for those who wish to keep active.

Taking all of this into account, we bring some suggestions for you to keep moving that comply with the rules and can be practised in complete safety. Who's to say it doesn't go great and you become a fan of new, different sport? 


Portugal: world-class destination for sea lovers

Portugal is a destination particularly sought after by sportsmen due to its extraordinary conditions. Its fantastic coastline and beautiful beaches call upon thousands of tourists every year. When it comes to the sea, Portugal is a world-class destination.

So, having said that, here are five possible sports for you to try this summer:

  • Surfing
    It's, most likely, the best known and most practised water sport in the world. To get into surfing, you only need three things: a board to surf the peak of the wave; wax to go on the board so you don't slip; and the leash, the line that keeps the surfer and board together. Surfing is the easiest and cheapest way to have fun in the sea. The best waves in Portugal for surfing and bodyboarding are found on the western shores. The beaches of Peniche, Nazaré and Figueira da Foz are your preferred destinations.
  • Kitesurfing
    Kitesurfing is practised with a board at your feet and a kite at your hands to harvest the power of the wind. Command the wing and you'll be able to travel long distances at high speeds, as well as execute very complicated manoeuvres.
    For this sport, the wind is the essential element. You can try kitesurfing at the Ria de Aveiro or the Mondego River estuary.
  • Snorkelling
    Snorkelling consists of diving in shallow waters for recreation and leisure. To snorkel we need a mask to be able to see well under the water; fins to be able to move with some ease; a tube to breathe on the water. The best diving area in the country is Peniche, in central Portugal. The small archipelago of the Berlengas Islands is a nature reserve in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with priceless flora and fauna wealth.
  • Stand up paddle
    Stand up paddle (or just paddle for short) is practised on a long and stable board. The rider uses a long paddle by hand to move on the water. Paddle is easy to practice and is a families’ favourite. The thing with paddle is you don't need an ideal beach to practise it, you just need a calm sea: head over to the Algarve.
  • Canoeing
    Canoeing is practised with a canoe or a kayak, and there are many associated modalities such as Freestyle, Speed, Marathon, Slalom and others. Montemor-o-Velho, Míra Beach, Ílhavo, Coimbra, Águeda and Castelo Branco offer great conditions to practise canoeing. 

We hope you pick up on some of these suggestions. These are COVID-responsible sports and, above all, fun and refreshing ways to keep moving. Ask us about our surfing tours and other sports.