Autumn in Portugal: the ideal time for Sport Tours

Autumn is here and, in many countries, you can already find very low temperatures and even snow, which makes outdoor sports difficult to practice. Running in the street involves multiple props, and if you practice sports that ask for visible body parts, you'll even have to stay indoors, which makes it logistically difficult.

This time in Portugal is the ideal to practice your sport, getting ready for team competition in a warm climate and perfect for boosting team morale. If you plan to visit during this season, be aware that the climate in Portugal is hot, with minimums of 10° C and maximums of 25° C.

The capital, Lisbon, begins to show its earthy tones, without reducing the temperature. The beaches are still perfect for water sports and the roads are free of snow and rain. From north to south, over 92,000km2 of land, the climate is consistent between zones, so you can travel all over the area expecting pleasant temperatures and ideal conditions for training.

Also, there are fewer tourists in Portuguese lands in autumn, and students return to classes, giving room for quality time without masses of people.

This season is a great opportunity for sports tourism, such as Sports Tours and Training Camps, since the climate in Portugal propitiates open-air walks and easy commuting between cities.

Football teams can play on uncovered fields, athletics teams in open-air stadiums, and cyclists on the road, without going into the cold or rain.

In autumn, the social life stays active on the street, with events and plenty to do during the day and night, a perfect opportunity to bond with your team after intense training.

If you're looking for an opportunity to take your team on an unforgettable trip, strengthen friendships and improve skills in time for the next competition, contact Movesports. We will design a plan, especially for you, and the whole process, from arrival to departure from Portugal, will be organized by us, so you will not have to think about anything else but training and strengthening the team mentally.

What do you think? Ask Move Sports for a quote. Autumn in Portugal doesn't last long!