Portugal sports tours with Move Sports

Sport has a strong and undeniable connection with the Tourism sector in Portugal. It contributes to leveraging local, regional, and national development, throughout both amateur/professional and adult/youth sports activities. The trend is for sports increasingly impact the Portuguese economy, as it has been acknowledged in the last few years.


Portugal’s conditions

Portugal is internationally recognized as a country with good sports infrastructure and privileged conditions and therefore is widely in demand for sports tours, camps, and even corporate events. The great weather, overall tourism infrastructures, and the friendliness of the Portuguese people make it a perfect spot for sports tourism.

Sports Tour in Portugal
The Move Sports team consists of experts who use knowledge and experience towards delivering the perfect training camp or sports tour. All our offers in Portugal provide the ideal environment for managers, coaches, and athletes to get the most out of their time abroad. We also offer tours in Spain.


Move Sports tournaments

Move Sports has the knowledge and experience to organize big sports events such as the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival, Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup, and Lisbon Football Youth Cup. We are also experts at organizing full corporate tournaments, such as the UN's 46th Inter-Agency Games, Lapp's World Cup, or P&G's Football World Cup.

What can you do on a Move Sports tour in Portugal?

  • Football/Soccer: 11 players, some technical and tactical abilities, and post-match socials with local football clubs.
  • Rugby: 15 players that need to have the discipline of a Spartan phalanx to win. We can arrange rugby tours, rugby camps, and rugby matches adapted to every group’s needs.
  • Field Hockey: Portugal’s numerous artificial grass pitches provide ideal locations for your team’s development.
  • Swimming: tours, camps, and cultural excursions, to places of significant historical and cultural importance.
  • Athletics & Triathlon: personalized service, along with first-class accommodation and training facilities
  • Basketball: basketball tours, basketball camps, and basketball matches adapted to every group’s needs
  • American Football: A sport based on complex tactics. You can also have a lot of fun on our training camps, American Football sports tours, and friendly matches
  • Surfing: Portugal has waves of all shapes and sizes, suited to all levels of surfers

And besides the sports side of the tours, there is also a lot in this country that will make your tour unforgettable:

  • There is a lot to visit and see in this beautiful country, from nature to architecture, to historical monuments
  • Amazing beaches, some of them recognized worldwide
  • Wonderful cuisine to taste
  • Guaranteed fun – there’s an endless list of activities that you can do in Portugal, from relaxed to exciting or even extreme.
  • It is the 3rd safest country in the world!

Need more options? Talk to us, we can help.

The harder you practice, the easier the game. This is the motto for all sports, from running to paddling, from golf to tennis.


About us

At Move Sports, we're powered by our passion for sports. Our team has the scientific background and hands-on experience to ensure that every sports tour, training camp, tournament, or corporate event is given the perfect program to meet each customer's goals.