The Brisbane Outsiders rugby players want to come back

We were going to meet the Outsiders, a group of rugby veterans from Brisbane, with an average age of 50, and we were worried about it.

We were worried because the information we got, was that this tour was the Outsiders’ last trip to play rugby outside of Australia. So, that was a big deal. We wanted them to have their last tour as extraordinary as the value and friendliness of the group, who are legendary all over the world.

The first match they played was in Estádio Universitário de Lisboa (University Stadium of Lisbon), against the Lawbsters, the Portuguese national team. For the second match, we chose to take them to Évora, a World Heritage Site. We knew we had to find the right teams for the Outsiders, meaning that the teams had to have quality players, but at the same time, players within the same age group.

The matches were great, and the post-matches were even greater, with the Outsiders being welcomed with the honour and goodwill that they deserve.

After the tour, Martin, one of the Outsiders, wrote us: ´from our team perspective’ the tour was fantastic because ‘both teams were a great bunch of guys and both were fantastic hosts at post-match functions’.

Martin has also revealed a beautiful surprise. The Outsiders were so happy to travel and play in Portugal that they are seriously considering not ending up their trips to play rugby.  ‘The boys are already talking and thinking about the next tour,’ he wrote.

This is what we are working for, without a doubt.

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