A good vibe that came to stay

This time we're living in brought a lot of bad news. But this highly unusual and unprecedented situation that messed with everyone also has a silver lining. We could mention the increased solidarity or the social consensus over common good policies that this event ultimately brought forward, but today we choose to address something more particular that has everything to do with all of us at Move Sports. People are exercising at home now more than ever, making the most of their time by working out and staying fit. And that is a good vibe that came to stay.

It's really, really positive that people now prefer physical activity to couch sedentarism and all that movie and TV-series binge-watching. Social media have significantly helped: free content given away by gym and personal trainers was vital and favoured generous viewing numbers and sharing of training exercises. 

Carried by this fitness flow, we thought of encouraging those who hadn't begun their training at home to do so for the physical and mental benefits it would bring them, as we did here.


After the pandemic: exercise daily

Now we are going even further! This is the time to remember all of you that once this period of confinement is done and all of this goes away, it's ever more important to maintain an active lifestyle and to continue to fight sedentarism, thus relieving yourself of all the psychological weariness of being quarantined for close to two months!  

We know that the primary reason that leads to a sedentary life with no physical activity are daily responsibilities. Everyday tasks make it near impossible to the time for a workout, as they consume a significant period of the day. Add to that the business hours fatigue and the motivation to do any kind of physical activity goes out the window.

But from our standpoint, exercise works precisely in the opposite way. Regular workout is all about well being and daily motivation. Sports brings with it several advantages, such as: 

  • It fights overweight. Not only does physical activity burn calories, but it also improves your metabolism in the long run.
  • It decreases depression by improving self-esteem and promoting a well-fare feeling. Exercise is good for mental health too, as it can battle feelings of anxiety and depression, sharpen your focus, and improve self-esteem.
  • It improves school performance amongst young children and teenagers. It’s been proven that there’s a link between playing sports and an individual's psychological health condition and school performance. In particular, team sports seem to be highly related to improved health results (even more than individual sports), due to the social nature of the activity.
  • It diminishes stress and fatigue. A workout is a great mood-booster and has been proven to be an effective method of stress relief.
  • It promotes the strengthening of the immune system, mainly concerning diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes and strokes. Exercising more equals getting less sick. The heart is a muscle, so it needs to be worked out! Regular physical activity can help improve the health of your entire cardiovascular system. A healthier heart means a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes. For instance, participating in aerobic activities such as running or swimming improves your body’s ability to carry and use oxygen into the lungs and across the body.
  • It improves strength and muscle resistance. Resistance exercises challenge your muscular system, resulting in bigger, stronger muscles.
  • It strengthens bones and joints. Building dense, healthy bones and joints is another benefit of physical activity. Therefore, the risk of injury is reduced.
  • It makes for better posture. Exercising strengthens the muscles on your back, enhancing support to the lumbar spine.

When you add all of these benefits together, what do you get? A longer, healthier, more enjoyable life! Medicine, science, and athletes themselves have been studying this over the years and came up with these definite conclusions. One thing is for sure: sports are for people of all ages and are necessary for all!


Stay active, feel good

A great outcome to take from this time spent at home is people reaching the conclusion they needed to do something to feel better, and that something is sports! 

It will be a great victory if we get this attitude and good vibe going onto our everyday life outdoors! When you need to keep functioning despite those 40 minutes spent in traffic, despite a bad night of sleep, despite leaving work late... when it's all said and done, all of that is easier to overcome with sports! Physical activity will upgrade everyone’s well-being and health. 

If we may, we would like to leave a challenge to all of you that have been participating in home-based sports-related events or that are part of a team: once training outdoors is possible again, invite a sedentary someone that you know to join you. Take him or her with you! What do you say?