Different Olympic Games, the same determination among the Portuguese mission

With Telma Monteiro and Nelson Évora as Portugal's standard-bearers at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, taking place from July 23 to August 8, 2021, the Portuguese delegation will be arriving at the grand opening day filled with talent and hope.


New qualification rules brought about by the pandemic

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the postponement of the 2020 edition was agreed on March 24 of last year by the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe, and the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach. This decision was ratified by the Executive Board of the IOC, changing the original dates to this summer of 2021.

Due to the postponement of the 2020 edition due, the qualification system was reviewed to account for the constraints caused by the pandemic. It was also confirmed that the athletes who had already achieved the Olympic qualification would keep it, despite the postponement.

The new rules for the qualification, as agreed with each international federation, are as follows:

  • a new qualifying period ending on June 29, 2021;
  • the final date for each countries' registration changed to July 5, 2021;
  • where the Qualification System specifies age-related eligibility criteria, the new standards were adjusted to safeguard that athletes considered eligible in July 2020 are also eligible by July 2021.

The Portuguese mission is made of 92 athletes from 17 sports.


The situation in Tokyo

The Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, announced on July 8 a new state of emergency in the Tokyo region, which will run until August 22, coinciding with the Games.

The state of emergency is already in place and aims to prevent the increase in cases of COVID-19 in the capital, said Suga. However, in practice, only additional restrictions to commerce were added to the already measures put in place.


What measures are in place for these Olympic Games?

International athletes and support teams will undergo rigorous testing protocols before departure and upon arrival in Japan and during the event. While no quarantine is expected, athletes should remain in their "bubbles" and avoid contact with the locals, with no exceptions for either athletes or support teams. Some of these decisions may be subject to reconsideration.

Although vaccination is not mandatory, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) expects about 80% of participants to have complete vaccinations.

A recent survey by one of Japan's leading newspapers estimated that around 80% of the population favoured postponing or cancelling the Olympic Games. This was also the opinion of institutions representing the Japanese medical community.

Although the pandemic situation, at this scale, is unprecedented, the Games were only ever cancelled in extreme circumstances, such as the period of the XX century world wars. It is also known that the contractual regime between the IOC and the host city of Tokyo makes it clear that only the IOC could cancel the event.

Nevertheless, the Games are a symbol of the triumph of sports and the human spirit over adversity. For two weeks, around 11 000 athletes from 200 countries will be able to display, in safe conditions, sporting excellence in the most significant event in the sector on a world scale. The Paralympic Games will take place between August 24 and September 5.


Discover the complete list of Portuguese athletes

Athletics (13)


  • João Vieira: 50 km march (3:46.28 hours)
  • Pedro Pichardo: Triple jump (17.47 meters)
  • Nelson Évora: Triple jump (28th in the ranking)
  • Tiago Pereira: Triple jump (31st in the ranking)
  • Francisco Belo: Launching the weight (21.28 meters)
  • Carlos Nascimento: 100 meters (56th in the ranking)
  • Ricardo dos Santos: 400 meters (48th in the ranking)


  • Carla Salomé Rocha: Marathon (2:24.47 hours)
  • Sara Catarina Ribeiro: Marathon (2:26.40 hours)
  • Sara Moreira: Marathon (2:26.42 hours)
  • Evelise Veiga: Triple jump (14.32 meters)
  • Patrícia Mamona: Triple jump (14.37 meters)
  • Liliana Cá: Disc release (65.10 meters)
  • Irina Rodrigues: Release of the album (27th in the ranking)
  • Auriol Dongmo: Launching the weight (18.57 meters)
  • Ana Cabecinha: 20 kilometers march (1:30.18 hours)
  • Cátia Azevedo: 400 meters (50.59 seconds)
  • Lorene Bazolo: 100 meters (11.15 seconds) and 200 meters (53rd in the ranking)
  • Marta Pen: 1,500 meters (36th in the ranking)
  • Salomé Afonso: 1,500 meters (44th in the ranking)

Canoeing (8)


  • Fernando Pimenta (K1 1000 meters)
  • Emanuel Silva (K4 500 meters)
  • João Ribeiro (K4 500 meters)
  • Messias Baptista (K4 500 meters)
  • David Varela (K4 500 meters)
  • Antoine Launay (K1 Slalom)


  • Teresa Portela (K1 200 meters)
  • Joana Vasconcelos (K1 500 meters)


Cycling (4)


  • Road test: João Almeida and Nelson Oliveira
  • Time trial: João Almeida and Nelson Oliveira


  • Track: Maria Martins
  • Olympic 'Cross Country' (XCO): Raquel Queirós


Equestrian (4)

  • Teaching: Maria Caetano, Rodrigo Torres and João Miguel Torrão.
  • Obstacles: Luciana Diniz.


Gym (2)


  • Trampolines: quota guaranteed by Diogo Abreu and Pedro Ferreira, in the World Cup, in Brescia, Italy


  • Filipa Martins: quota guaranteed in the general competition of the World Cups in Stuttgart, Germany


Judo (8)


  • Jorge Fonseca (-100 kg)
  • Anri Egutidze (-81 kg)


  • Catarina Costa (-48 kg)
  • Joana Ramos (-52 kg)
  • Telma Monteiro (-57 kg)
  • Barbara Timo (-70 kg)
  • Patricia Sampaio (-78 kg)
  • Rochele Nunes (+78 kg)


Swimming (9)


  • Gabriel Lopes: 200 meters styles (1.58.59 minutes)
  • Alexis Santos: 200 meters styles (1.58,19)
  • José Paulo Lopes: 800 meters free (7.52.81)
  • Francisco Santos: 200 meters back (1,57.06)
  • Tiago Campos: Open waters


  • Tamila Holub: 1,500 meters free (16,20.51) and 800 meters free (8.32.30)
  • Diana Durães: 1,500 meters free (16,31,16)
  • Ana Catarina Monteiro: 200 meters moth (2.08.40)
  • Angelica André: Open Waters


Rowing (2)


  • Double Scull lightweight: Pedro Fraga and Afonso Costa


Skateboard (1)

  • Gustavo Ribeiro


Surf (3)


  • Frederico Morais


  • Teresa Bonvalot
  • Yolanda Sequeira


Taekwondo (1)


  • Rui Bragança: -58 kg


Tennis (2)


  • Pedro Sousa
  • João Sousa


table tennis (5)


  • Team tournament: Marcos Freitas, Tiago Apolónia and João Monteiro
  • Individual tournament: Marcos Freitas and Tiago Apolónia


  • Single Tournament: Fu Yu
  • Individual Tournament: Shao Jieni


Shooting with hunting weapons (1)


  • João Paulo Azevedo: Olympic pit (2nd Lahti World Cup)


Triathlon (3)


  • João Silva
  • João Pereira


  • Melanie Santos


Sailing (5)


  • 49er: Jorge Lima and José Costa
  • 470: Diogo Costa and Pedro Costa


  • Radial laser: Carolina João