Exercise and productivity in quarantine

It has been abundantly proven that physical exercise is beneficial, both physically and psychologically. The old saying, "a healthy mind in a healthy body", has shown to be accurate by studies. Empirically, you can personally testify to a substantial improvement in your quality of life if you do some exercise.

At this time when we're asked to stay at home, physical activity gains heightened importance because it brings plenty more benefits than it usually would.

It is essential to fight the quarantine monotony with exercise because:

  • It breaks up the routine. One of the things that psychologically can reduce the feeling of being tied in between four walls is the sensation of moving. The fatigue at the end of training will feel like a reward, much more than weariness.
  • Well-being. There's a pleasurable duty-fulfilled sensation produced by your organism directly connected to practising sports. 
  • Stress relieve. At a time where most of us are working from home, it's easy to find yourself with a stress overload from all those hours of work in front of the computer. Training is a great chance to release that stress, increasing your productivity and helping you cope with this atypical journey.
  • Last but not least, strengthening your immune system. It's common knowledge that having a balanced diet and exercising improves your defences and your health globally. 


Training at home using the Internet

Although we're far away from the gym, the fields or the race tracks, it's possible to keep training at home, maintaining your safety. There are a lot of ways to do it. For instance: a lot of people are putting training sessions online, especially in social media, with no associated costs.

Personal Trainers and gyms have been providing daily training at a distance, abiding by social distancing isolation rules. If you search for "Insanity" on Google, you'll find a high-intensity program that you can follow.

If you don't like to work out on your own, you can follow accounts such as TRAINWITHDANNY or MACISSAPT on Instagram. These Personal Trainers regularly release training sessions for you to do at home. You can also follow your favourite athletes and keeping up with what they're doing to stay fit!

There's plenty of choices for you to stay active. Don't give in to laziness! 

Let us remind you that Move Sports will be here when times become more favourable again, to provide your team at work with the welfare and to boost your team spirit at a level only a sports event can take you. Take a chance on productivity through sports and feel the difference.

Until then, stay home, stay safe!