Five sports activities to do in Portugal

Portugal is a fantastic setting for all sports lovers. More than 900 km of coastline, a pleasant climate, and a great diversity of landscapes make this country an incredible place to do outdoor activities. From water or mountain sports, alone or in a group, you will surely find something to practice. Discover some sports activities that can be great to complement a camp, a tour, or a corporate activity in Portugal!



Portugal is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the world. The wide variety of natural conditions and exceptional climate provide a truly memorable experience for everyone, from beginners to experienced surfers. You will find waves for all tastes: from small and medium-sized waves ideal for beginners to giant waves for the most daring. The best places for surfing are Nazaré, Cascais, Peniche, Ericeira (the first ever World Surfing Reserve), Alentejo and Algarve coast, and the islands of Madeira and the Azores. The water temperature is lower than in most southern European countries, so wetsuits are recommended, even in summer.



This is a sport for those looking for adrenaline, physical and emotional well-being, and overcoming. For those who want to start climbing, training is recommended. With a climbing initiation course, you will acquire the basic knowledge to practice the sport safely, as well as knowledge about the necessary equipment. There are several equipped cliffs in Portugal from north to south and given the favourable weather conditions it is normally possible to climb all year round. Some recommended places to climb in Portugal are Sesimbra, Sintra, Montejunto, or Sagres.



Canoeing is a great alternative for those who want to do a fun and different activity in close contact with nature. The first advantage of this sport is that it is accessible to everyone if they can swim. It is an excellent practice to do in a group, as everyone can practice and progress at their own pace. The most famous rivers in Portugal for this sport are the Tagus, Mondego, Zêzere, Douro, and Guadiana, among others.



It is not by chance that this country attracts golfers from all over the world. In recent years Portugal has consecutively won the award for best golf destination in Europe and in 2019, Madeira and Porto Santo were distinguished, for the first time, as the World's Best Emerging Golf Destination. The country has exceptional conditions for this sport and has over 90 courses throughout the territory. There are golf courses with characteristics suited to the various levels of difficulty of the sport. Learning to hit a golf ball takes time, practice, and patience, but once you learn it can be highly addictive. Here are some options to practice this sport, from north to south of the country: Oporto Golf Club (Porto), Montebelo Golf Course (Viseu), Quinta da Marinha (Estoril) or Vale do Lobo (Algarve).



Coasteering is an activity where you walk along the coastline, using swimming, climbing, rappelling, jumping into water, slide, and walking. This activity allows you to discover places that are otherwise impossible to uncover. An ideal activity for groups that can be practiced in various parts of Portugal such as Sesimbra, Arrábida, the Algarve coast, or the Berlengas Island. 


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