How to give love to your boots

You should always keep in mind that love works on a reciprocity basis. You know all about this, how much you give, is how much you get. Except for the taxman, of course.

Being this the case, you cannot expect that after your pitch boots would have given all for you in battle, in fact being your intimate supplier of power, speed, and stability, they, full of dust, mud, and pain, will be happy to be thrown to some dark corner.

They will feel your contempt, the fast lane to a broken relationship.

Of course, you do not want this. You want your boots to fight for you with passion. So, give them your love, every game day like the first.

At home, put a chillout playlist, and choose an indoor place with light and space. They are very sensitive, your boots, they give high value to the environment.

Get a decent piece of a cleaning cloth, a sponge, and a small recipient, with some warm water there and a few drops of laundry soap.

First, use the cloth to remove the dust, if it is the case. Then, if the attacker was dirty, hard mud, be extra sensitive.  Use, tenderly, the sponge with water. Start by the laces, then the surfaces, finally the soles. To the area around the studs, use a teaspoon, or a special boots brush, available in your local supplier. Work with patience and care; remember this is a serious relationship.

Return an hour or so later, change the tune to some air, give them that tender look. Touch them again, and with a second small sponge, spread some bee wax or some shoe fat around them.

Do not forget the inside of the boots, spray some nice scent, you do not need a hysterically fancy Channel nº5, some pine essence is enough.

Put them on an honour rack, send your final look of goodbye. Next game day, when you pick them, they will look fit and proud. They will be ready to stand for you. Eager for an old-school eternal love relationship, that´s what it is.