Is Portugal the sports capital of the 21st century?

Portugal has amassed an impressive number of events and achievements since 2000. Investment bears fruit, we always say, and that is what we have since witnessed on the international sports scene. Portugal made strategic and vital investments to help this sector develop and bring on the results that have long been desired.

Nowadays, Portugal is sought after by many different sports in search of the best conditions for the best athletes to compete. Football: in 2004, Portugal hosted the Euro 2004 championship and the following year Lisbon was chosen to host the UEFA 2005 Cup final. More recently, in 2014, the UEFA Champions League final also took place in Lisbon. This year, UEFA once again chose Lisbon to host the Champions League Final 8. Surf: Portuguese beaches are now an integral part of the Surf World Circuit. Motor racing: the most mythical off-road competition in the world, the Dakar, started off Lisbon two years in a row. This year, Formula 1 may return to Portugal, more precisely to the Algarve International Motor Racing Circuit, for one or two Grand Prix.


Why Portugal?

These are just some examples of a growing trend which Portugal's favourable conditions justify. But, why Portugal? If you ask us, there are seven distinct reasons:

  • The weather. All year round, Portugal's climate is gentler than in 80% of Europe, with less rain and warmer temperatures. You can easily find yourself on a splendid sunny day in March or October. This is one of the reasons why Portugal has collected the best-golfing destination in Europe prize for five years in a row.
  • The gastronomy. Everyone likes to eat well. And to that effect, there is no place like Portugal! From north to south, from sweet to savoury, Portuguese cuisine offerings attract ever more people. It's one of the reasons for foreigners to settle in Portugal after a first visit.
  • The people. The Portuguese identity is in its people. The richness of multiculturalism is one of the great traits of the Portuguese, as well as their friendliness. Portuguese people are easy to deal with, and they're welcoming: they wish for everyone to feel comfortable in the country. 
  • The security. Portugal is currently considered the safest country in Europe and the third in the world, according to the Global Peace Index. This gives great comfort to anyone who is thinking about visiting the country.
  • Political stability. In keeping with the previous bullet point, it is also important to note that Portugal has a stable political system for many, many years now. The country has established a healthy, liberal democracy following the 1974 "Carnation Revolution". It's like the Portuguese can only have the good things that come with being Latinos!
  • The prices. Prices in Portugal are lower than in most major tourist destinations in Europe and even in the world, which makes it a more affordable destination with as good or better offerings than the usual catalogue destinations. This turns out to be a prime attraction for, say, a team looking to do an end-of-season tour, a training camp or a tournament. Whether one wants to think about it or not, costs are a major deciding factor. 
  • The infrastructures. All of the above are relevant in it comes to decide about hosting a major world-scale event. Nevertheless, the critical factor is whether the physical conditions are there to support such an event. Are there sports infrastructures, support facilities, quality hotels and trained staff? There must be an offer that guarantees the quality and, ultimately, the success of the competition or event in question. In that regard, Portugal does not fail! The country has proven, again and again, to have excellent conditions for the greatest athletes in the world to express their talents in the most diverse sports modalities.

These are the main reasons why Move Sports chose Portugal to organize its events and tournaments. The top-notch facilities make Portugal an obvious choice for teams looking for the ideal sports tour or training camp. Likewise, companies and organizations looking for new strategies to build that special team spirit to overcome the challenges facing them will find Portugal the ideal location for their sports-infused corporate events.

We believe this trend will continue for many years because high-performance sports is a growing area in Portugal, one that brought about tourism and, consequently, wealth and business and better competitions!