Join the WYD Global Race, November 21-30

The organization of the World Youth Day Lisbon 2023, in partnership with Move Sports, is launching the WYD Global Race, a global-scale race taking place November 21-30.

This race is a first of its kind and is of particular importance because its main mission is to promote WYD Lisbon 2023 and raise funds for its preparation and implementation.

The organization of WYD Lisbon 2023 shared its satisfaction with this race: "we accepted with gratitude and expectation Move Sports' proposal to be partners in an initiative that, in addition to its innovative character, combines physical exercise with solidarity. We wish the fruits of this race may help thousands of young people to live the unique experience of participating in a World Youth Day", said Duarte Ricciardi, Executive Secretary of WYD Lisbon 2023.

Questioned about the reason for this race, António Cunha, Move Sports' CEO, explains: "We felt challenged by WYD Lisbon 2023's theme, 'Mary got up and left in a hurry', and we immediately thought about the importance of movement and the urgency of action. On the other hand, the world has been repeatedly confronted by Pope Francis himself with the need for change in our lives, to take care of our 'common home', which implies having healthy living habits. So we made our proposal to the WYD Lisbon 2023 organization and were very well received. From then on, the path forward was simple. Our challenge is to give people the opportunity to run for a purpose and with a goal."

The WYD Global Race takes place in digital format, with participants competing with each other on November 21-30. Each athlete runs in his or her own context, but times and distances are recorded on a global platform which allows for participation and competition between everyone, regardless of their geography.

It is now possible to register to participate in the WYD Global Race at or by downloading the app. Anyone can participate! Just follow the steps given! On November 30 the race ends and the results will be made available.

Everyone can follow the athletes on the platform, following their training and races. People can even send incentives or make donations for goals accomplished by the athletes they support.

The funds collected, both through the registration fees and race sponsorships, will be used for the preparation and realization of WYD Lisbon 2023.


About WYD

World Youth Day (WYD), a meeting of young people from all over the world with the Pope, was instituted by John Paul II in 1985, and since then it has emerged as a moment of meeting and sharing for millions of people worldwide.

The first edition took place in 1986, in Rome, and since then WYD has been in the following cities: Buenos Aires (1987), Santiago de Compostela (1989), Czestochowa (1991), Denver (1993), Manila (1995), Paris (1997), Rome (2000), Toronto (2002), Cologne (2005), Sydney (2008), Madrid (2011), Rio de Janeiro (2013), Krakow (2016) and Panama (2019). On January 27, 2019, at the conclusion of World Youth Day in Panama City, it was announced that the choice for the next edition of World Youth Day would be Lisbon, which will take place between August 1-6, 2023.


About Move Sports

Move Sports organizes training camps, sports tours and corporate events in Portugal and Spain around sports such as football, rugby, field hockey, swimming, basketball, athletics and lacrosse, amongst others. Move Sports offers a comprehensive service to schools, clubs and companies from all over the world, ranging from sports organization to travel and transfers, accommodation and ancillary entertainment and leisure programs.