Keep moving without leaving home

Turning your home into a small gym? It's possible. All you need is a little corner to place a mattress, and you're good to go with the help of some equipment, or even without any support. Today we bring some well-known online options that will help you with a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


Before starting

Before you start your workout, it's essential to warm up to reduce the risk of injury and speed up your metabolism, as well as boost your conditioning and strength to carry out the full workout.


How can you benefit from a Home Workout?

  • No time spent on the process of going somewhere
  • More economical
  • More private
  • All the flexibility of schedule you may desire, as it can be done at any time


Online workouts

One of the main ways of exercising at home is through online platforms with various types of exercises. Let's talk about some of them:


Sworkit – personal trainer

Sworkit provides several exercises that promise to fit into any routine, anytime and anywhere. The app allows users to play videos of personalized strength, cardio, yoga and stretching exercises, while it is possible to choose the desired extent (between 5 and 60 minutes).

Available for Android and iOS.


Pamela Reif

The fitness influencer shares training plans adjusted to each person's goals and diet tips on her social networks daily. On her YouTube channel, there are various types of workouts. 

Available on Youtube.



MadFit promises to get everyone moving. Their dance workouts are the most popular and guarantee fun while exercising the body. It is also ideal for defining your abdominals, working your glutes, losing weight, and toning all your muscles. 

Available on Youtube.



Cassey Ho is today one of the most influential personalities in the fitness world. She specializes in Pilates, but also presents workouts in other modalities. The videos are short, ideal for those who have little time available, and localized to work specific body zones.

Available on Youtube.


Nike Training Club

This app is an authentic virtual personal trainer. With endless workouts and nutrition tips, Nike Training Club helps the community of athletes exceed personal goals by developing and professionally monitoring each user's training plans.

Available for Android.


Kickboxing Workout

For between 10 and 30 minutes, the app challenges users to gain endurance, improve self-defense and flexibility and burn calories while strengthening muscles. Kickboxing Workout requires no equipment and is always a good option for those looking to burn off the extra food during their time around the house.

Available on Android and iOS.