Old devil Cantona on what football is about

Not quiet nor relaxed, the old red devil Eric Cantona, the one of a kind United striker that spread magic and some odd emotions on England’s and Europe’s pitches in the 90's.

These days, “The King”, despite his very hipster beard, he is far from being at peace with the world and even further in hiding some of his strong views about the beautiful game. In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Cantona kicks straightforward about what television broadcast and marketing did to football. “I understood before the others what the circus was”.

But the man that, together with Beckham, Keane, Giggs and others, did put United in the sky and in history, also has space in his soul to know the privilege of being a great player. “I was just someone who always, totally wanted to give everything to the game all the time. That’s it. And to be on the field with everyone who wants the same – that is unity. That is beauty. The outperformance of the individual in service of the team. It is the most exceptional education”. Great words, Eric.