Rugby: Argentina XV vs Lobos match

It was with great honor that Move Sports co-organised, along with the FPR (Federação Portuguesa de Rugby/Portuguese Rugby Federation), this match of great importance. 

On a hot afternoon full of strong emotions, the Lobos started the game motivated and focused on victory. The Belenenses stadium had a good crowd of fans that chose to spend that Saturday afternoon watching the match live and cheering for their national team despite the perfect summer day to spend at the beach.

Rafael Simões opened the scoring for the Lobos with a good try of patience with several phases and by half-time, Portugal had scored 2 more tries by Raffaele Storti, gaining an advantage over Argentina, with the score at 25-21.

In the second part, the game was launched in the same way as the 1st part, with a world-class try by Manuel Cardoso Pinto.

By this time, the crowd was overwhelmed with joy, cheering effusively for the national team.

But at 60 minutes into the game, Argentina's physical and athletic superiority stood out, causing a turnaround in the result, which came to dictate the defeat of the Lobos in the last minutes, having the match ended with Argentina winning by 35 – 52.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that Portugal has been playing exciting and high-quality Rugby, demonstrating that it is ready to qualify for the World Cup, in the repechage tournament this autumn.

Thus ended a series of two games at Restelo, which had fantastic support from the Portuguese fans.

Move Sports had a key role in this match, working as a connection point between the World Rugby/Argentinian team and FPR, guaranteeing coordination between both federations, and hiring the staff needed, while taking care of logistics such as accommodation, food and beverage, training sessions, and transfer for the Argentinian team. In fact, the Move Sports organization team made sure both Argentinian and National teams had everything they needed during the match.

As for the venue logistics, at the Belenenses stadium, Move Sports oversaw the cleaning and safety, VIP reception with catering, physical ticket office management, food logistics for the fans (food trucks), and hiring sound, speaker, and entertainment.

And because communication is very important, the press conferences coordination, the match live streaming, and overall communication before, during, and after, were all responsibility of Move Sports.


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