The best outdoor parks in Lisbon for exercise

Lisbon has incredible outdoor parks and gardens for a nice walk, reading a book, or spending time with friends and family. But these spaces are also a great solution for those who like to exercise outdoors. We bring you five options, including some shaded gardens, so you don't suffer from the heat.


Benefits of outdoor sports

Walking or exercising outdoors is not only easier and cheaper, but it is also better for your health, from a physical and mental point of view. Nature stimulates the senses, and this makes the activity more enjoyable, which helps with motivation. There are no schedules or routines. The obstacles of outdoor exercise can also be an ally if the idea is to create greater difficulty and challenges in your usual exercise routine.


Gardens in Lisbon to exercise

Take some notes. Then put on your trainers and start your workout outdoors.


Tapada das Necessidades Garden

Located in the Alcântara area, very close to the National Museum of Ancient Art. This garden has plenty of space for many people and you still have a fountain, a waterfall, exotic vegetation, and all the shade you might need in Lisbon.


Quinta das Conchas e dos Lilases Park

Located in the Lumiar area. It has a forest, several species of trees, a lake, a lawn, and even a kids’ playground. There is room for running, walking, cycling, some mobility and strength exercises, or even yoga, which you can do near the lake to make your workout even more relaxing.


Urban Park of Olivais - Vale do Silêncio

It is located between Lisbon's airport and Parque das Nações. With an area of 8 hectares, it is wooded and ideal for those who want to walk or cycle, with very well-maintained paths. For those who like more functional exercises, the park offers space with equipment and exercise boards


Monsanto Park

Besides being the capital of the picnic, Monsanto may become the capital of outdoor exercise. There is a cycle track, jogging areas, ping-pong tables, skating and skateboarding rink, climbing wall, and tennis courts.


Torel Garden

Boldly named the fitness park, it is located at the top of Jardim do Torel (left side) and has a beautiful view of the Tagus River (Rio Tejo). There are four pieces of equipment in very good condition, including a familiar elliptical and a tai chi wheels machine.