The great return to routine

You probably don't want to think about it, but here it goes: the holidays are coming to an end.

The return to routine is always challenging. There are many things to deal within a short period: preparing for the new school year, packing things up from the holidays and, of course, going back to work and to the "real world".

To make this transition more smooth, we thought of a series of activities for the whole family that will entertain you and help you prepare for the upcoming challenges.

Physical activity is one of the best ways to unpack energy and thus contribute to the harmony between people spending a lot of time together, as it happened during confinement. Outdoors activities are the very best to this end. By "outdoors" we mean activities absolutely outside the house, with plenty of space and air to breathe - not in the backyard. 

Here are our proposals for you and your family:

1. Go hiking and discover places where you live. Be a tourist in your own city and discover new places. We bet there's that place you always thought of going but never dared to. Do it today!

2. Try canoeing. There is entertainment to be had in the water beyond swimming. Paired kayaks for parents and children are ideal for excursions downstream.

3. Have a surf lesson for parents and children. Venturing out with the younger ones in an aquatic adventure, catching waves, is always fun and makes for a different day.

4. Try stand-up paddle. There is more than one alternative in board sports. For the more conservative ones, there is the stand-up paddle: you still need balance, but you can do it on calm waters.

5. Practice paddle or tennis. Away from the beach or the river, you can always go on to develop your technique in other sports and create bonds with some healthy competition.

6. Extreme sports. For the bravest of you, why don't you try famous extreme sports? A jump from an aeroplane, riding a hot air balloon, rafting, mountain biking or climbing are always good options to make for an unforgettable day.

9. Get messy with paintball. For an unforgettable end-of-holidays extravaganza, a paintball game will drive the kids crazy with joy, and you will make incredible memories together. 

Going back to the school and work routines is a demanding time but, with a bit of organization and with a good schedule, it's possible to organize fun activities for different days. This way, you can make the great return to routine a lot more fun for anyone!

We hope you enjoy the suggestions and have fun!