The Old Guard

Life is made of cycles. It happens with everything and football is no exception. Generations pass on their passion for the game to new blood, as it has been for centuries. New generations come and the continue to spread the magic that enchants fans all over the world. Football isn't called the king of all sports by accident, football moves crowds!

Nowadays, as 2020 unfolds, we're reaching the end of an era - one of the most beautiful in football. The biggest football stars in the world are reaching the end of their careers and we'll, in the short term, witness as these group of players that have already made football history pass the baton.


The Barcelona Magnificent

Andrés Iniesta, 36; Lionel Messi, 33; Luis Suarez, 33

These players were part of a Barcelona team that delighted the world with its football, alongside Xavi Hernadez (who has already retired), spread class and magic across Europe's pitches, and won everything possible at club level.


The Madrid Incredibles

Cristiano Ronaldo, 35; Marcelo, 32; Sergio Ramos, 34; Luka Modric, 34; Karim Benzema, 32

These players made up a super team that won four Champions League between 2014 and 2018. Real Madrid conquered every other team it came about and left its mark as one of the best collectives ever. They will go down in history.


The German Fortress

Manuel Neuer, 34; Frank Ribery, 37; Arjen Robben, 36; Robert Lewandowski, 32

These players formed a longterm collaboration in Bavaria, making havoc all across Germany. They won more titles than there are fingers in one's hands and established a dynasty that won't be forgotten soon. Bayern Munique won the Bundesliga eight times in a row and also a Champions League title (in 2012/2013).


The Spanish Magician

David Silva, 34

A small (at 1,74m height) giant (given his technical ability), David Silva was part of the so-called "Spanish Gold Generation" that won two Europeans Championships and a World Championship. The calm and class with which he handled the ball at his feet for more than 700 games played during his career will forever remain in our collective memories.


The Lion 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 38

At times controversial, Zlatan Ibrahimovic claims to be a lion and wears the number 21 on his jersey's back because - his word - he is three times better than Ronaldo. Ibrahimovic has played all over the world and scored an amazing amount of goals wherever he went. The only title he lacks on his well-stuffed shelf is a Champions League. But his amazing goals will go down in history nevertheless.


Mister Class

Gianluigi Buffon, 42

What is there to say about the player with the most games played in the Italian Serie A, one of the most competitive championships in the world? He never loses his composure, leads by example and is a symbol of Juventus, the team that has been winning the Scudetto for the past nine consecutive years. His curriculum includes individual and collective conquests, ranging from national cups to the World Cup for Italy. A football lord: he will be missed.


This is the generation of amazing players that is about to leave the pitches for good. Luckily for us, they've already inspired new talent, such as the likes of as Kylian Mbappé, Jadon Sancho, João Felix, Marcus Rashford or Kai Havertz, who will pursue the "old guard" records while delighting the fans across the planet. 

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