The role models of acclaimed athletes

Having an idol is always inspiring and can be decisive for individual growth, performance, and success. The most famous sports stars also had, at some point in their lives, a reference that motivated them to continue and be better and better.

Let's meet some of the heroes of acclaimed athletes!


Kylian Mbappé Football
Cristiano Ronaldo fan

For the French player, the great sports reference was Cristiano Ronaldo. When he was a child, his bedroom walls were covered with posters of the Portuguese player. And, in fact, his speed and finishing ability even make him look like Cristiano. Mbappe currently plays for PSG and is one of the world's top strikers today.


Roger Federer
Tennis – Boris Becker fan

Swiss tennis star Roger Federer was four years old when he saw his idol Boris Becker winning his first Wimbledon title in 1985. Watching Becker's performances, the young Federer dreamed of one day also winning the world's top tennis tournaments. Federer ended his career in 2022 and is considered by many the greatest player of all time, with the incredible mark of 20 grand slam titles won.


Lewis Hamilton
Formula 1 – Airton Senna fan

As a boy, Lewis Hamilton fell in love with motor racing when he watched the performances of Brazilian Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna, a three-time world champion. In 2021, after winning the Interlagos Grand Prix (São Paulo), the British driver paid an emotional tribute to his idol Senna by finishing the race with the Brazilian flag wrapped around his body.


Le Bron James
Basketball – Michael Jordan fan

Nowadays, many young basketball players have LeBron James as a reference. However, the player who plays since 2018 for the LA Lakers, also had his great idol, the inevitable Michael Jordan. In an interview with ESPN in 2013, he confessed that as a kid he spent hours watching the moves and plays of the Chicago Bulls star.


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