The triumphant return of sporting events

The success of the vaccination process is fueling the recovery of internal consumption and tourism uptake, moving the economy after almost two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. As it is well known, Portugal is a leading country in Europe and the world in its population immunization, which facilitated economic recovery and eased the pressure on the health system. Consequently, national and international sporting events should be seen as safe for all and as a fundamental pillar for social cohesion and also the return of tourism, social mobility, freedom, and the promotion of physical and mental health.


A changing sector 

The sporting events sector and sports, in general, have suffered a significant shake-up but have since gradually resumed live events with the presence of fans, something fundamental to the industry and society alike. 

There is tremendous enthusiasm associated with the coming back of an activity that plays a central role in the recovery of cities, countries, and even the promotion of tourist destinations, given the number of people that sports can move. 

Throughout this time, the part of the sports sector that has managed to hold out financially has also seized the opportunity of digital transformation. Home sports and hybrid events - physical and digital - have developed and are likely here to stay and allow for new, different kinds of fan participation.  

In light of this new wave of events, brands and sponsors are seeking to be associated with safe and sustainable events, in social, environmental, and economic terms. Sports is the area, par excellence, that can give them this kind of return.


The support

In the aftermath of the pandemic and the colossal drop in the sector, support measures worth 76 million Euros were created in Portugal.

Later, in March 2021, the government recognized the need to create specific, additional support directed at non-for-profit sports organisations, taking into account the importance of sports associations as base cells of the sports system. Accordingly, a 65 million euros package was approved in direct support of clubs and federations.

The aid will be provided through the support fund for the recovery of the physical and sporting activity (35 million euros) and the "Federations + Sports" program through a line of credit for a total amount of 30 million euros, directed at federations with public utility status in sports. 

However, several organisations, including the Sports Confederation of Portugal (CDP), expressed concerns about the financial support to the sector. On one hand, there's the issue of the State Budget for 2022, which hasn't been approved, requiring early general elections next January. On the other hand, sports is little contemplated in the European funds to support economic recovery, known as PRR (Recovery and Resilience Program). 


What we do 

Move Sports is entirely devoted to sports events. We have already resumed all of our activities! We can organise:


Training Camps and Sports Tours

We are specialists in sports, and we use our knowledge and experience to offer the perfect training camp or sports tour. All our offers in Portugal and Spain provide the ideal environment for officials, coaches and athletes to get the most out of their stay abroad.



The Portugal Rugby Youth Festival is the largest youth rugby tournament in Europe, with teams from all over the world travelling to compete in the sunny city of Lisbon. This past October, we held the 13th edition of this exciting event, and the 2022 edition is already being prepared!

The Lisbon Football Youth Cup, on the other hand, is all about the passion for soccer. Open to clubs, schools and academies, the LFYC offers teams the opportunity to face international opponents and experience a healthy multicultural environment and fair play.


Corporate Events

Move Sports organises sports experiences and events for companies of all sizes. We offer your company much more than a team building event: our activities aggregate the central sporting values. Team spirit, leadership, perseverance, solidarity, courage, discipline, strategic thinking, competitiveness and a lot of fun is what we have to offer your employees.


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