Why is Autumn the perfect season for runners?

Running has become extremely popular over the past few years. Jogging has gained status as a national sport and became viral, with more and more participants. Move Sports is a great advocate of this sport, as it represents a great exercise session. It is excellent in all seasons of the year, but it has a special place in autumn. Have you wondered why?


Autumn’s run

For many runners, this is one of the best training periods. There are a lot of opportunities for competitions and the weather is often very good with clear and crisp air. 

In Portugal, Autumn is indeed a great season to run, and there are excellent training conditions, as usually, it is sunny, but not too hot nor windy. If you enjoy running and have never been to Portugal (or have and would love to visit again), why not contact Move Sports – we can organise a running tour or training camp for you, or even a corporate event for your company.

If you're feeling extra encouraged about your running thanks to the fall weather, sign up for an end-of-the-year goal race. And, as we say on Move Sports: sports make us bigger, and better. Not only physically, but mentally too.



Increasing your body temperature so your body’s ready for your run makes for a key part of your preparation. Keep your core temperature even before your training session or run. If the weather is particularly cold, don't just head straight out into your pace. Do some light dynamic stretching at home and then some moving drills as you head down your road to wake the legs up.

After this, all set. The question is: where are you going to run this autumn?


Get to know some of the best places to run in Portugal

Lisbon [1]

  • Guincho Cycle Path (Cascais): Around 10 km from Cascais Marina to Guincho Beach, near the ocean
  • Jamor Sports Centre (Oeiras): It offers several types of circuits, two athletics tracks, and a cross-country track.
  • Estádio Universitário: This is a gravel course, about 3 km long, perfect for all types of running.
  • Santo Amaro de Oeiras wall (Oeiras): Over 3.5 km, from Praia da Torre to Paço de Arcos, always by the sea
  • Belém (Lisbon): 6 kilometers along the river near monuments like the Padrão dos Descobrimentos and the Torre de Belém


  • Parque da Cidade of Porto: The lap along the perimeter corresponds to approximately 4.5 kilometers, among trees or overlooking the sea.
  • Marginal of Porto: The route from Castelo do Queijo to Ponte do Freixo, is about 25 kilometers (round trip).


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Enjoy the colors changing in the environment and the clear, fresh air of Autumn, and go for a run.