Lisbon is full of light and flavour: come and discover it on your next sporting trip

Lisbon is one of the most vibrant and fascinating European capitals, and many people already know it. In recent years, the Olympus of international tourism has discovered the best that the city (and the country) has to offer and has presented us with major international awards in the sector, such as the World Travel Awards. So come meet your next destination and pair it with your tournament or sports getaway. Come and play with us!


What does Lisbon have?

Yes! What's so different about Lisbon after all? That's a good question to start with. First off, it’s a city of small/medium size when compared with most European capitals, which gives it a welcoming dimension and softens the impersonal feeling coming off some large cities.

Lisbon features charming views on the Tagus river, one of the rivers with the broadest estuary in Europe, making it feel like we’re always by the water and on a relaxing walk, illuminated by the immense white light reflected in the lioz, the most used stone in the buildings façades.

Despite being a modern and cosmopolitan city, with an offer of commerce and services for all segments, what one feels in Lisbon is an atmosphere of relaxation and authenticity, which is already rare in cities.

We still have the neighbourhood grocery shops, the local bookshop or shoe shop, just as we have young craftsmen or designers selling their wares at a street fair. Neighbours still sing at the window of the historic quarters as they lay out their clothes, but at the same time, we can enjoy the tremendous open-air music festivals with the most important national and international names in the arts. It is a city that enjoys a mild climate, safety, and tranquillity, where you can enjoy the exceptional cuisine and the terraces, at your leisure, without being worried about timetables or security. It is an ideal city for long walks by the river, to relax, alone or with the best company.


Tradition, modernity, and safety

Lisbon's secular history and its millenary occupation are clearly evident in every stone we walk on, in every façade, or in every sound stolen from the Portuguese Fado guitar, the national song born here. Apart from being able to visit and appreciate all the history and heritage – from the architecture to the tiles to the monuments – today's Lisbon has an unparalleled cultural offer, and we can access great exhibitions and museums, watch the best live shows, while we get a glimpse of the other side of the neighbourhoods and the people. Talking to the “Lisboetas” and integrating ourselves into their way of life is fascinating: it means taking advantage of the nooks and crannies of the area, delighting in their delicacies, losing ourselves in timeless conversations and conviviality, and still enjoying the best of their surroundings.

Surroundings? Yes! Lisbon is located only 30 minutes from beautiful beaches and villages with historical heritage such as Sintra or Cascais, where nature meets culture and gastronomy. For those coming from central Europe, it is also an ideal city for short getaways – which you can do on weekends or mini-vacations – as the airport is integrated into the city, which avoids wasting time.

Above all, Lisbon still exudes authenticity and a feeling of being in our grandmother's village, where everyone knows us, while at the same time offering all that is most exciting in urban culture and the multiple offerings of a cosmopolitan city. How not to love Lisbon?

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