Lisbon, the obvious choice

Lisbon, the city that leads all the "best travel destination" top charts in the last few years, is an undiscovered pearl, even for people who've already visited it. There is a hidden secret in each corner. If you still don't have plans for when this confinement period ends, keep reading about Lisbon: you'll immediately have plenty.

Lisbon is a fantastic destination for tourists - as Portugal as a whole, by the way. They don't call our country a "seaside garden" by accident. Did you know that Lisbon has:

  • Astonishing views? In case of a visit you better have your phone camera handy because you're going to need it! Downtown Lisbon was built post the 1755 earthquake, and a fantastic job has been done to preserve it.
  • One of the best gastronomies in the world? Portugal is a country of a great culinary tradition and Lisbon, as one of its most significant metropolitan centres, gathers the best that you can find. Obviously, the highlight goes to the excellent seafood found in the massive Portuguese coast.
  • A Mediterranean climate that invites to a walk every day? Portugal stands at the tip of Europe, by the sea, away from both the British rain and the African heat. It's the perfect balance! Lisbon offers more than a dozen beaches within a half an hour trip.
  • A high-quality cultural offer? From Fado houses, with a unique environment where you can experience a Portuguese exclusive music style, to the vibrant nightlife. There is a considerable offer for all tastes and ages.
  • Super inviting and affordable prices? The truth is that whoever visits Portugal loves it and this is one of the reasons why. Portugal is a budget-friendly destination, as it is one of the most affordable capital cities in Western Europe.
  • Friendly natives? The Portuguese people are warm and welcoming to foreigners and a large majority speaks English and other languages as well. You can always count on a local to let you in on the best attractions or the best restaurant or bar in the area.   
  • Great sports facilities? Last but not the least, Portugal and Lisbon, in particular, offers some of the best conditions for practising a wide range of sports.

Beyond this lovely touristic character, Portugal has top infrastructures, qualified people and great athletes.

It is said that one of the reasons that made Cristiano Ronald move from Manchester United to Real Madrid was the sun. That's a Mediterranean perk that is very significant to keep the mood and compete at the highest level. 

These are some of the reasons why Move Sports chose Lisbon to establish its great five tournaments: Portugal Rugby Youth Festival, Lisbon Football Youth Cup, Portugal Handball Legends Cup, Lisbon Handball Youth Cup and Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup.

Besides the tournaments, Move Sports also organises in Lisbon corporate events, training camps and sports tours. As sports experts, we use our knowledge and experience towards delivering the perfect memorable sports experiences, with nothing left to chance. Therefore... Lisbon it is!

Register your team or company in one of our events, feel the environment and have the best possible sports experience!