Sports Tourism ought to be a national priority, says the CEO of Move Sports

Sports tourism, especially sports tours and corporate sports events, should be a strategic priority for Portugal’s tourism. The defence of this strategic bet is made by António Cunha, CEO of Move Sports, in an interview with Notícias Magazine, published last February 19.

For António Cunha, this move is a priority because "Portugal has tremendous potential. I have no doubt that we can become a major world reference in sports tourism." According to António Cunha, the key factors for the Portuguese added value are "all the differentiating factors already known (weather, price competitiveness, safety)" and the fact that "we now have a say in numerous sports. People like to visit the country of Ronaldo, Mourinho, Figo”.

However, the CEO of Move Sports does warn that "there is a lot to do. We have a mountain to climb. Public-private infrastructure and policies must be created and put in place. More attention is needed on this niche... which is no longer a niche", so that Portugal is competitive globally.

Mr. Cunha is one of the great experts in the field since he leads the leading company in the sector in Portugal. In 2018 alone, the company had 129 teams as clients, for a total of 2 973 athletes and 11 642 hotel nights.

Move Sports is a company specialized in sports tourism, with over 13 years of activity worldwide. Move Sports, headquartered in Lisbon, has in its portfolio annual sports tournaments such as the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival or the Lisbon Football Youth Cup. Move Sports organizes training camps and sports tours in a wide range of sports.

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