Visit Portugal: an award-winning touristic destination

World Travel Awards, Reader's Choice Awards from Condé Nast Traveler, European Enterprise Promotion Awards, and Country Brand Awards: what do these tourism awards have in common?

Each one has been awarded to Portugal at least once, not to mention the dozens of other awards that our country has received from 2009 up to the present day.

From the World Travel Awards, Portugal won this year a total of 30 awards! From all of these, we highlight four awards given to Lisbon: Best City Break Destination, Best Metropolitan Coastal Destination, Best Cruise Destination and Best Cruise Port – which are no surprise, considering the hospitality, cultural attractions, and gastronomic roller coaster ride that the city has to offer – all this accessible by land, air, or sea.


Why does this matter?

This is the way to certify the tourist quality that the most western point of Europe possesses. We are one of the smallest countries with the greatest diversity, complexity, climatic, gastronomic, cultural, and sporting quality in the world.

In 2022 we were proud to receive, once again, the World Travel Awards from Europe's Leading Tourist Board and for being the Best Tourist Destination in Europe. This is not something to take lightly.


But what is so interesting about Portugal? Let's explore some of the main points


White sandy beaches, rocky ones, calm and wild seas, fresh or salt water, windy or windless. A great feature of Portugal is its versatility along the west and south coasts. Any water sport finds perfect conditions here. Even if your sport is sunbathing, we also guarantee that your tan will live up to your expectations.



Portuguese gastronomy is one of our strong points.

Delicious, at very accessible prices, and in great quantities, with extraordinary raw ingredients and exquisite flavours that will accompany you all over the country, making your trip a delight.

What dishes you shouldn’t miss? Bacalhau (salted cod) - and its more than a thousand ways of preparation, all sorts of seafood and fish, Cozido à Portuguesa, Leitão (Piglet), either à Bairrada or de Negrais, Caldo Verde, Francesinha, Amêijoas (Clams) à Bulhão Pato, Feijoada, Pastéis de Nata .... We could stay here all day. The point is: you won't get tired of eating. You can stay in Portugal for more than a month, without repeating a single dish that is anything less than incredibly delicious.



From football to futsal, surfing, motorsports, and many more, we intrinsically practice various sports, and well. The sea is perfect for sea sports, the rivers for water sports, and the beaches, fields, and gardens for land sports such as football, volleyball, running, and all others. Lisbon has the particularity of having this kind of terrain at walking distance and has proven to be the ideal place for competitive preparations. We have been seeing an increase in visits from international teams who use Lisbon as a place for their Sports Tours and Training Camps, where they take advantage of the ideal weather conditions and fields and stadiums to practice their sport in the best conditions. Those who prepare in Lisbon, go on to the competition at their physical peak.

Since sports tours and training camps are not easy to organise – whereas for travelling athletes, should be stress-free and as most enjoyable as possible – the best thing to do is to let them be organized by a specialised company, such as Move Sports, which will take care of all the details, from arrival to training places, meals, and sightseeing until you get back home.



We are also known for various cultural traditions such as Fado, the Cante Alentejano, traditional dances, the art of Bordalo Pinheiro, and other traditional crafts. In any city or town in the country, you can find museums, galleries, and festivals that introduce you to Portugal in a unique, interactive, exciting way, providing a lifetime experience.


Whatever the reason that brings you to Portugal, you are guaranteed a stay like you never expected. Sunny days, even in winter. Food like you've never tasted. A unique and unrepeatable experience.

When planning your next trip, think of Portugal. You'll be surprised by what the country has to offer you.