American lacrosse team SaWusa meets Pedro, one of Move Sports' liaison officers

Being the liaison officer for a team on tour requires mastery of complex arts.

The liaison officer has to be a master of public relations but also a jack of all trades able to solve all kinds of problems. He must be a master in psychology, but also a guide with an insiders knowledge of the territory. Two weeks ago, Frank Rogers, coach of the American lacrosse team SaWusa, was a customer to our liaison officer Pedro. Afterwards, he wrote some lines about his experience.

Along the journey, Coach Frank discovered that “everything about the trip was well thought out and planned, buses were always on time, hotels top-level and itinerary well planned and carried out”. However, what impressed Coach Frank most was that Pedro “took care of every detail and made our group feel so special and well taken care of from start to finish”.

We appreciate Coach Frank’s words for our great Pedro and we will do everything in our power to keep the service of Move Sports at this level.